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Northern Moor is an area of northern Wythenshawe in south Manchester in England, west of Northenden, north of Wythenshawe Park. Its name was formerly Northen Moor, i.e. "the moor area belonging to Northenden".

It is about 5 miles away from Manchester city centre and is the northernmost area of Wythenshawe.

The ITV documentary series The Duchess On The Estate was filmed here between February and July 2009, it was aired on TV on Tuesday 18 August and Tuesday 25 August.

It includes the site of Manchester (Wythenshawe) Aerodrome.

Local schools include Rack House Primary School, St. Aidan's Primary School and Button Lane Primary School. Northern Moor is also home to the Northenden campus of the Manchester College

Northern Moor Metrolink station has been built as part of the airport extension.

Local churches include Lawton Moor Methodist Church, St. Michael and All Angels and Northern Moor Community Church

Notable past residents[edit]

Marc Riley, (Musician, Radio 6 DJ); Caroline Aherne (Actress); Billy Duffy (Musician); Steve Hanley (Musician); Sid Little (Comedian). Desmond Noonan;.

Coordinates: 53°25′N 2°16′W / 53.41°N 2.27°W / 53.41; -2.27