Northern Oblast (1918–20)

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This article is about a territory in northwest Russia controlled by the White movement in 1918–1920. For other entities of the same name, see Northern Oblast (disambiguation).

Northern Oblast (Russian: Се́верная о́бласть) was a territory in the northwest of Russia controlled by the White movement during the Russian Civil War.[1] Its administrative center was Arkhangelsk.[1]

The oblast was established on August 2, 1918 after the Soviet power fell in Arkhangelsk Governorate.[1] On August 6, 1918, the Murmansk Krai Soviet authorized Chairman Yuryev to agree on the inclusion of Murmansk Krai into Northern Oblast.[1] On September 15, 1918, the Provisional Government issued a resolution which accepted Murmansk Krai as a part of Northern Oblast.[1] In October 1918, all the soviets were abolished and zemstvos were restored.[1]

The oblast ceased to exist in February 1920 after its head Yevgeny Miller escaped from Arkhangelsk to Norway.



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