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The Northern Premier Cricket League is a cricket league in the North West of England and has been governed by the England and Wales Cricket Board and ECB Premier Leagues since 2000.[1] Prior to that date it was known as the Northern Cricket League.

The League comprises two divisions – Division One for First XIs and Division Two for Second XIs.


The Northern Cricket League was founded on 10 November 1951,[2] in controversial circumstances.

Several of the clubs in the west of the area covered by the Ribblesdale League had been unhappy for some time about the format of that League. The League had a membership of 18 clubs which meant that only 5 opponents in the League were played against twice per season whilst the remainder were played against once. This group of clubs met secretly on 7 October 1951 and produced a handwritten document which stated:

The following Ribblesdale League clubs:- Blackpool, Chorley, Darwen, Fleetwood, Lancaster, Leyland, Morecambe, St Annes being duly authorised by their respective Committees are resolved from this meeting to request the Ribblesdale League to form a West Section, comprising the above named clubs together with Leyland Motors, Furness and Kendal. Failing agreement on the part of the Ribblesdale League the above eight clubs pledge themselves to resign forthwith from the Ribblesdale League and to create a new league, which would include an invitation to Leyland Motors, Furness, Kendal and Preston.[3]

At the AGM of the Ribblesdale League, held in Whalley on 10 November 1951, the motion was proposed to form West and East sections with the West section comprising Blackpool, Chorley, Darwen, Fleetwood, Lancaster, Leyland, Morecambe, and St Annes, plus two new clubs Furness and Kendal (both from the North Lancashire Cricket League) along with Leyland Motors if they wished to play in the West section.

After discussion the vote was 9–9 and was defeated on the casting vote of the President who had earlier expressed distaste at the way the western clubs had acted.[4]

The eight clubs duly resigned from the Ribblesdale League, as did Leyland Motors, and representatives of these clubs along with those of Furness and Kendal then met at the Swan Hotel in Whalley where the Northern Cricket League was formed. Preston Cricket Club were invited to join the new league as the twelfth team. The invitation was accepted but they remained in the Liverpool and District Cricket Competition for one further year before participating in the Northern Cricket League's second season in 1953.[5]

Member clubs[edit]


  • Leyland CC merged with BTR CC in 2000 and was known as Leyland and Farington CC. Leyland and Farington in turn merged with Leyland Motors CC in 2007 to form Leyland CC.[6]

Former members[edit]

Division One champions[edit]

Year Division One Champions Notes
Northern Cricket League
1952 St Annes
1953 Furness
1954 Blackpool
1955 Blackpool
1956 Kendal
1957 Lancaster
1958 Furness
1959 Kendal
1960 Blackpool
1961 Leyland
1962 Blackpool
1963 Blackpool
1964 Blackpool
1965 Blackpool
1966 Darwen
1967 Blackpool
Joint champions
1968 Morecambe
1969 Blackpool
1970 Preston
1971 Chorley
1972 Fleetwood
1973 Leyland Motors
1974 Blackpool
1975 Fleetwood
1976 Lancaster
1977 Lancaster
1978 Lancaster
1979 Lancaster
1980 Chorley
1981 Leyland
1982 Blackpool
1983 Preston
1984 Blackpool
1985 Fleetwood
1986 Lancaster
1987 Darwen
1988 Blackpool
1989 Blackpool
1990 Blackpool
1991 Leyland
1992 Morecambe
1993 Kendal
1994 Kendal
1995 Morecambe
1996 St Annes
1997 Netherfield
1998 Netherfield
1999 Darwen
Northern Premier Cricket League
2000 Netherfield
2001 Netherfield
2002 Darwen
2003 Darwen
2004 Fleetwood
2005 St Annes
2006 Morecambe
2007 St Annes
2008 Netherfield
2009 St Annes
2010 Leyland
2011 St Annes
2012 Fleetwood
2013 Leyland
2014 Blackpool
2015 Morecambe
2016 Leyland


Most Division One Championship wins[edit]

Wins Club
16 Blackpool (including one shared)
7 St Annes
6 Lancaster
5 Darwen
4 Kendal

National Club Cricket Championship honours[edit]

Year Club
1996 Chorley Cricket Club – runners-up
1995 Chorley Cricket Club – winners
1994 Chorley Cricket Club – winners
1992 Kendal Cricket Club – runners-up
1990 Blackpool Cricket Club – winners
1975 Blackpool Cricket Club – runners-up



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