Sierra Puebla Nahuatl

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Sierra Puebla Nahuatl
masehual tla’tol (ncj)
Native toMéxico
Native speakers
(200,000 cited 1983–2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
azz – Highland Puebla Nahuatl (Zacapoaxtla)
ncj – Northern Puebla Nahuatl (Naupan)
nhi – Tenango Nahuatl (ZacatlánAhuacatlánTepetzintla)
Glottologhigh1278  Highland Puebla
nort2957  Northern Puebla
zaca1241  Zacatlan–Ahuacatlan–Tepetzintla
ELPEastern Nahua ([azz)]

Sierra Puebla Nahuatl is one of the Eastern Peripheral varieties of Nahuatl, spoken by ethnic Nahua people in northwestern Puebla state in Mexico.


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