Northern Region, Malawi

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Northern Region
Northern Region in Malawi
Northern Region in Malawi
Coordinates: 11°12′S 33°48′E / 11.200°S 33.800°E / -11.200; 33.800Coordinates: 11°12′S 33°48′E / 11.200°S 33.800°E / -11.200; 33.800
Country Malawi
 • Total26,931 km2 (10,398 sq mi)
 (2018 Census)
 • Total2,289,780
 • Density85/km2 (220/sq mi)

The Northern Region is a region of Malawi. It had a population of 2,289,780 in 2018, and covers an area of 26,931 km², making it the smallest region both by population and area. Its capital city is Mzuzu. Starting in the north and going clockwise, the Northern Region borders on Tanzania, Lake Malawi, Malawi's Central Region, and Zambia.


Of the 28 districts in Malawi, six are located within the Northern Region.

In addition to mainland parts of Malawi, the Northern Region also includes the islands of Chizumulu and Likoma in Lake Malawi, which together make up Likoma District.

Major cities[edit]

Prominent townships and cities in the region include:

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