Northern Rhodesian Labour Party

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The Northern Rhodesian Labour Party was a political party in Northern Rhodesia.


The party was established by Roy Welensky in 1941.[1][2] It was supported by European working class miners and artisans,[3] and campaigned for closer union with Southern Rhodesia.[4] The first congress of the party was held in Nkana on 11 July 1941,[5][6] and called for immediate amalgamation with Southern Rhodesia.[5][6]

In the 1941 general elections the party contested five of the eight seats, winning them all;[7] Welensky in Broken Hill, F. T. Sinclair in Livingstone and Western, Michael McGann in Luanshya, F S Roberts in Ndola and Martin Visagie in Nkana.[7][8] However, it was dissolved after it was defeated in the 1944 elections.[9]


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