Northern Spy Records

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Northern Spy Records
Northern Spy Records logo.png
Founded 2010 (2010)
Founder Tom Abbs
Adam Downey
Distributor(s) Redeye Distribution
Genre Avant-garde, noise rock, experimental jazz
Country of origin U.S.
Location Brooklyn, New York
Official website

Northern Spy Records is a record label in Brooklyn, New York that specializes in avant-garde music, noise rock, and experimental jazz. The label was founded by Tom Abbs and Adam Downey in 2010 after working for ESP-Disk.


Northern Spy is an artist-run record label. In October 2011, Northern Spy produced the first annual Spy Music Festival, spanning two days and hosted by two venues. The festival was hailed as a celebration of the label's first birthday. A year later, the label threw its second festival, which took place over two weeks in venues throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. NSPY artists continue to support local venues by bringing their devoted fans together in small DIY venues.

Northern Spy and its management has been featured in the press through interviews, blogs and in newspapers. The Village Voice wrote an extensive interview with Downey and Abbs in September 2011.[1] In July 2011, East Village Radio named Northern Spy one of the four most important independent record labels in New York City.[2]



Incomplete list of releases
Yr Cat Release title Artist(s) Notes
2010 NS-002 Songbook Vol. 1 Old Time Relijun 7"
2010 NS-003 The Warrior Jooklo Duo 7"
2011 NS-004 Outdoor Spell Rhys Chatham CD
2012 NS-019 Honky Tonk Medusa Donovan Quinn LP
2013 NS-034 Power Ballads Seaven Teares LP
2013 NS-036 The Only Way to Go Is Straight Through Thurston Moore & Loren Connors CD, LP
2013 NS-038 Your Turn Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog CD, LP
2013 NS-039 Life in the Sugar Candle Mines Black Host CD
2014 NS-052 Locus Chicago Underground Duo LP
2014 NS-053 Who Sleeps, Only Dreams/Hide With Me Deerhoof w/guest Marc Ribot 7", Ltd
2014 NS-054 Live at Le Poisson Rouge J. Spaceman & Kid Millions LP + 7"
2015 NS-066 Accidental Sky White Out with Nels Cline CD

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