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The Northern State Conference in Indiana.

The Northern State Conference was the name of two separate IHSAA-Sanctioned athletic conferences. The most recent version was an eight-member conference within the Northern Indiana counties of Elkhart, LaPorte, Marshall, St. Joseph, and Starke. Some former member schools draw students from Fulton, Kosciusko and Pulaski counties.

The earlier NSC lasted from 1954 to 1963, including schools from Carroll, Elkhart, Jasper, Marshall, Newton, St. Joseph, and Starke counties. Jimtown was the only holdover from the earlier conference into the modern one, though Bremen and Knox did join the current version in the 1980s.

In 2013, Culver and Knox announced that they would be leaving the conference after the 2014-2015 school year in order to join the Hoosier North Athletic Conference with three schools from the Midwest Conference and Independent North Judson. LaVille and Triton will also join the HNAC at the same time. This will effectively end the conference, as the remaining four schools will join the Northern Indiana Athletic Conference for the 2015-16 school year.[1]


Location Mascot Colors # / County Year Joined Previous Conference Year Left Future Conference
Glenn Walkerton Falcons                71
St. Joseph
1966 2015 Northern Indiana
Jimtown Elkhart Jimmies                20
1966 Independents 2015 Northern Indiana
LaVille Lakeville Lancers           71
St. Joseph
1966 Independents 2015 Hoosier North
New Carlisle New Carlisle Tigers                71
St. Joseph
1966 1968 none (consolidated
into New Prairie)
North Liberty North Liberty Shamrocks           71
St. Joseph
1966 Independents 1981 none (consolidated
into Glenn)
New Prairie New Carlisle Cougars                46 LaPorte
71 St. Joseph
1968 none (new school) 2015 Northern Indiana
Fairfield Goshen Falcons                20
1969 none (new school) 1980 Northeast Corner
Culver Culver Cavaliers                50
1977 Independents 2015 Hoosier North
Triton Bourbon Trojans                50
1980 Three Rivers 2015 Hoosier North
Knox Knox Redskins                75
1982 Northwest Hoosier 2015 Hoosier North
Bremen Bremen Lions           50
1989 Northern Lakes 2015 Northern Indiana

Old Northern State Conference Membership[edit]

Location Mascot Colors # / County Year Joined Previous Conference Year Left Conference Joined
Delphi Delphi Oracles           08
1954 Hoosier 1956 Hoosier
Knox Knox Redskins                75
1954 1963 Independents
Morocco Morocco Beavers                56
1954 1958 Independents
North Judson North Judson Blue Jays          75
1954 1963 Independents
Rensselaer Bombers           37
1954 1958 Independents
Bremen Bremen Lions           50
1958 1962 Independents
Jimtown* Elkhart Jimmies                20
1958 Independents 1963 Independents
South Bend Colonials                71
St. Joseph
1958 1963 Independents

Jimtown was known as Baugo Township until 1961.

State Championships[edit]

Bremen (2)[edit]

  • 1989 Football (A)
  • 1994 Football (2A)

Culver Community (0)[edit]

Glenn (0)[edit]

Jimtown (6)[edit]

  • 1974 Boys Gymnastics
  • 1991 Football (A)
  • 1997 Football (2A)
  • 1998 Football (2A)
  • 2004 Boys Basketball (2A)
  • 2005 Football (2A)

Knox Community (0)[edit]

New Prairie (0)[edit]

Triton (4)[edit]

  • 2000 Girls Basketball (A)
  • 2001 Girls Basketball (A)
  • 2001 Baseball (A)
  • 2008 Boys Basketball (A)



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