Northern State Correctional Facility

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Northern State Correctional Facility
Seal of the Vermont Department of Corrections.jpg
Location2559 Glen Road, Newport, Orleans County, Vermont, USA
Coordinates44°54′24″N 72°11′26″W / 44.906757°N 72.1905832°W / 44.906757; -72.1905832
Security classMedium
Population417 (as of FY2010[1])

The Northern State Correctional Facility (NSCF) is a state prison in the city of Newport, Orleans County, Vermont, USA. It holds up to 433 medium security male prisoners[2] and is the largest prison in Vermont.[3] The Vermont Department of Corrections is responsible for running this prison.

A branch of the Community High School of Vermont is located there. It is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It graduated 13 men in 2007.[4]

In 2008, the budget for the facility was $10 million.[5] The total expenditures for Fiscal Year 2010 were $16,698,753.[1]

In 2013, the superintendent named four gangs prevalent among the prisoners: the Crips, the Bloods, the Aryan Nation, and, a local gang, the Chittenden County White Boys. He indicated that Vermont is not violent and the local culture prevails with minimum conflict among the gangs.[6]


The prisoners formed a theater group which they named "The Usual Suspects."[citation needed]

In 2011, Muslim inmates complained that their religious needs were not being met during Ramadan. This made national news.[7]


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