Northern Territory Force

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Northern Territory Force
Australian infantry at Darwin in August 1942
Australian infantry at Darwin in August 1942
Active 1942–1945
Country Australia
Edmund Herring
Jack Stevens

Northern Territory Force was an Australian Army force responsible for protecting the Northern Territory during World War II. Most units assigned to the Northern Territory Force were based near Darwin and were responsible for defending the important naval and air bases in and around the town against a feared Japanese invasion. Northern Territory Force was disbanded at the end of the war.

Northern Territory Force was established on 25 April 1942 from the headquarters of the 6th Division and 7th Military District. Australian Army units were rotated through northern Australia during the war, and six infantry brigades served as part of Northern Territory Force at different times between 1942 and 1945. Northern Territory Force was redesignated to 12th Division on 31 December 1942, however it was redesignated again back to Northern Territory Force on 15 January 1943.

During the fifteen days that the formation was designated 12th Division, it comprised the 3rd Brigade, 19th Brigade, 23rd Brigade, 2/4th Pioneer Battalion and 2/6th Cavalry Regiment.[1]

The main units deployed to protect Darwin during the war were:[1]

Commanding officers[edit]


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