Northern Territory general election, 2001

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Northern Territory general election, 2001
Northern Territory
1997 ←
18 August 2001 (2001-08-18) → 2005

All 25 seats of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly
  First party Second party
Leader Clare Martin Denis Burke
Party Labor Country Liberal
Leader since 3 February 1999 8 February 1999
Leader's seat Fannie Bay Brennan
Last election 7 seats 18 seats
Seats won 13 seats 10 seats
Seat change Increase6 Decrease8
Percentage 40.6% 45.4%
Swing Increase2.1 Decrease9.1
This is a summary. See the complete results below.

Chief Minister before election

Denis Burke
Country Liberal

Elected Chief Minister

Clare Martin

A general election was held in the Northern Territory, Australia, on 18 August 2001. The centre-left Australian Labor Party (ALP), led by Clare Martin, won a surprising victory over the Country Liberal Party (CLP). Before this, the CLP had held 18 out the 25 seats in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly to the ALP's 7. After this election, the ALP held the majority with 13 seats to the CLP's 10, consigning the CLP to opposition for the first time since the Territory gained responsible government Martin became Chief Minister, succeeding the CLP's Denis Burke.

Two independents won seats at this election. Former CLP member Loraine Braham won the seat of Braitling and Gerry Wood won the seat of Nelson.

Retiring MPs[edit]




Northern Territory general election, 18 August 2001[1]
Legislative Assembly
<< 19972005 >>

Enrolled voters 105,506
Votes cast 84,994 Turnout 80.56% +1.57%
Informal votes 3,627 Informal 4.27% –0.90%
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary votes  % Swing Seats Change
  Country Liberal 36,926 45.38% –9.29% 10 – 8
  Labor 33,038 40.60% +2.12% 13 + 6
  Independent 8,583 10.55% +5.10% 2 +2
  One Nation 1,074 1.32% +1.32% 0 ± 0
  Democrats 692 0.85% +0.22% 0 ± 0
  Territory Alliance 622 0.76% +0.76% 0 ± 0
  Socialist Alliance 432 0.53% +0.53% 0 ± 0
Total 81,367     25  
  Labor 39,099 48.1%
  Country Liberal 42,268 51.9%


Sitting members are in bold. Successful candidates are highlighted in the relevant colour.

Electorate Held By Labor Candidate CLP Candidate Other Candidates
Arafura Labor Marion Scrymgour Marius Puruntatamori John Christopherson (Ind)
Dorothy Fox (Ind)
Araluen CLP Michael Bowden Jodeen Carney John Bohning (Ind)
Meredith Campbell (Ind)
Arnhem Labor John Ah Kit Cliff Thompson
Alan Wright
Lance Lawrence (Ind)
Barkly Labor Elliot McAdam Bill Cross Gavin Carpenter (Ind)
Blain CLP Peter Shew Terry Mills Joseph Mulqueeney (TAP)
Braitling CLP Peter Brooke Peter Harvey Loraine Braham* (Ind)
Peter Jarvis (Ind)
Eddie Taylor (Ind)
Brennan CLP Simon Hall Denis Burke Duncan Dean (Ind)
Casuarina CLP Kon Vatskalis Peter Adamson Necmi Bayram (TAP)
Craig Seiler (Dem)
Daly CLP Rob Knight Tim Baldwin Wayne Norris (ON)
Frank Spry (Dem)
Drysdale CLP Inger Peirce Stephen Dunham
Fannie Bay Labor Clare Martin Mary Cunningham Peter Johnston (SA)
Goyder CLP Alan Smith Peter Maley Diana Rickard (Ind)
Merv Stewart (ON)
Greatorex CLP Peter Kavanagh Richard Lim David Mortimer (Ind)
Johnston CLP Chris Burns Steve Balch Joanne Sangster (Dem)
Karama CLP Delia Lawrie Mick Palmer
Katherine CLP Michael Peirce Mike Reed Tony Coutts (Ind)
John Donnellan (Ind)
Rob Phillips (ON)
Macdonnell CLP Harold Furber Philip Alice
John Elferink*
Millner CLP Matthew Bonson Phil Mitchell Andrew Arthur (Ind)
Diane Baird (Ind)
Andrew Ivinson (TAP)
Nelson CLP Bob Hare Chris Lugg Tony Hardwick (ON)
Gerry Wood* (Ind)
Nhulunbuy Labor Syd Stirling Peter Manning Gordon Davey (ON)
David Mitchell (Ind)
Nightcliff CLP Jane Aagaard Jason Hatton Peter Ivinson (TAP)
Gary Meyerhoff (SA)
Port Darwin CLP Chris Bond Sue Carter Nick Dondas (Ind)
Sanderson CLP Len Kiely Peter Poniris Gary Haslett (Ind)
Susan Murdoch (TAP)
Stuart Labor Peter Toyne Ken Lechleitner
Wanguri Labor Paul Henderson Robyn Cahill Meredith de Landelles (SA)

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