Northern and Pacific Junction Railway

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The Northern and Pacific Junction Railway (N&PJ) is a historic railway located in northern Ontario, Canada. It connected the Northern Railway of Canada's endpoint in Gravenhurst to the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) at Nipissing Junction, near North Bay. The N&PJ provided an almost straight line north-south route from Toronto to the transcontinental line, competing with a similar line of the Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) a short distance to the east.

Owned jointly by the Northern Railway of Canada and the Hamilton and North-Western Railway, the N&PJ railway was created March 4, 1881, by Canadian charter, under the name Northern, North-Western, and Sault Ste. Marie Railway Company. Construction was commenced at Gravenhurst in 1885 and completed to a connection with the CPR in 1886. The N&PJ along with its operating company, the Northern and North-Western Railway, was absorbed by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1888 and later by Canadian National Railways.

Principal stations along this route, from Gravenhurst are: