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Northern Cup
Tournament information
Month playedNovember
Participants14 (in 2015)
WebsiteQuidditchUK website
Current champion
Velociraptors QC
Southern Cup
Tournament information
Month playedNovember
Participants17 (in 2015)
WebsiteQuidditchUK website
Current champion
Southampton QC Firsts

The Northern and Southern Cups are the two major regional quidditch tournaments of the United Kingdom. Organised by QuidditchUK, the tournaments serve both as qualification prerequisites for other tournaments, such as the European Quidditch Cup [1] and the British Quidditch cup alongside being their own stand alone tournaments. regionals are often considered the most important tournaments of the year, after the British Quidditch Cup. As of the 2016-17 season, these regional tournaments served as qualifiers for the latter tournament, as there were now more teams in the United Kingdom than its national championship could support. Those teams that fail to qualify for BQC each season compete in the Development Cup instead.


Locations of the Northern (blue) and Southern (red) Cups

The idea for a regional tournament originally came from Southampton Quidditch Club, who devised an independently organised Southern Cup, which was due to take place in February 2014. Inspired by this, Keele Quidditch Club created a counterpart "Northern Squirrel Cup" open to all the teams who were not invited to the Southern Cup (on the basis of geographical location). Due to adverse weather conditions, the Southern Cup's expected debut was cancelled, but the Northern Cup went ahead as planned in March. Eight teams competed, with Bangor Broken Broomsticks winning the tournament after beating Nottingham in the final. The Southern Cup eventually went ahead in November of that year—the next quidditch season—where another eight teams competed. Southampton, the hosts, were defeated in the final by Radcliffe Chimeras.

Seeing the initial success of these tournaments, QuidditchUK, the United Kingdom's governing body for quidditch, took both tournaments under their control, in time for the 2015–16 season. These tournaments were organised by QuidditchUK and a committee selected by them, rather than by any specific club. Similarly, no club officially hosted either tournament, though both locations were situated nearby to established QuidditchUK teams. The Northern Cup was hosted at Belmont Community School in Durham on 31 October–1 November, while the Southern Cup took place at Horspath Athletics Ground in Oxford, on 14–15 November. The latter had played host to several tournaments in the past, including the 2015 European Quidditch Cup.

In 2017 both the Northern and Southern Cups were used as qualifiers for the British Quidditch Cup, with the top 16 teams from each tournament moving on to regionals. Although both Cups are going to continue to select the top 32 teams in the UK, it is currently unannounced whether the places for nationals will be distributed equally or some form of weighted distribution will be used.


Qualification for either tournament is based solely on the geographical location of the team. A theoretical horizontal line is drawn at latitude 52.632000 (52°37′55.2″), dictating that any teams based south of that line compete at the Southern Cup, and all north at the Northern Cup.[2] At this time there is no additional criteria; any team registered with QuidditchUK is eligible to play, regardless of experience or skill level.


Traditionally, the tournaments have consisted of pool play, followed by bracket play, in a standard knockout tournament structure. The exact format however is flexible, due to the varying number of teams competing in each iteration of the cups. The top two teams from each group move through to the upper bracket while the rest play in the consolation bracket. In order to balance group play and allow for more representative bracket play a seeding system is used.


All teams are split into three categories: first seeds, second seeds and unseeded teams. How teams are seeded depends on where they came at last years nationals and how many groups there are in the competition. Each group is randomly allocated a first and second seeded team, then the unseeded teams are randomly allocated a group.

The teams final standing in tournaments affects their seeding for the upcoming British Quidditch Cup. The top four teams are placed in the first seed, the fifth to eighth teams are second seeded, and any other qualifying teams are unseeded.

Northern cup[edit]


The first Northern Cup was held at Keele University in March 2014. Eight teams competed over the weekend with Bangor Broken Broomsticks being the eventual winners. The final standings were as follows:

final standings[edit]

1st Bangor Broken Broomsticks
2nd Nottingham Nightmares
3rd Keele Squirrels
4th Loughborough
5th Chester
6th Leeds Griffins
7th Derby QC
8th HogYork Horntails


The second Northern Cup was held on 31 October 2015 in Belmont. Fourteen teams competed after the withdrawal of the Preston Poltergeists. After two days of competitive games, composed of pool play and both upper and Consolation brackets,[3] the final standings were as follows:[4]

Upper bracket[edit]

Loughborough Longshots90*
Holyrood Hippogriffs10
Loughborough Longshots30
Leicester Thestrals70*
Nottingham Nightmares150*
Keele Squirrels150*
Bangor Broken Broomsticks50
Keele Squirrels40
Nottingham Nightmares130* Third place
Nottingham Nightmares180
Leeds Griffins40*
Loughborough Longshots130*
Keele Squirrels70

Consolation bracket[edit]

Derby Union100*
HogYork Horntails40
Derby Union100*
Chester Centurions40
St. Andrews Snidgets0
Chester Centurions60*

Final standings[edit]

Position Team Stage Position Team Stage
1st Nottingham Nightmares Final 8th Leeds Griffins Quarters
2nd Durhamstrang Final 9th Derby Union QC LB final
3rd Loughborough Longshots Semis 10th Chester Centurions LB final
4th Keele Squirrels Semis 11th St. Andrews Snidgets LB semi Finals
5th Leicester Thestrals Quarters 12th HogYork Horntails LB semi Finals
6th Bangor Broken Broomsticks Quarters 13th Durham Direwolves Group stages
7th Holyrood Hippogriffs Quarters 14th Manchester Manticores Group stages


The third Northern Cup returned to Belmont on 12 November 2016. Twenty teams competed over the weekend. On the first day, five groups of four played each other, with the two highest ranked teams from each group moving into the upper bracket while the rest competed in the Consolation bracket. This was the first tournament to be used to qualify teams for nationals, with the top 16 teams invited to compete in the coming British Quidditch Cup. The results of the tournament were as follows:

Upper bracket[edit]

Play-in gamesQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Loughborough Longshots90*
Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts30
Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts100*
Nottingham Nightmares90
Loughborough Longshots90
Leeds Griffins50
Velociraptors QC160*
Velociraptors QC180*
Leicester Thestrals0
Leicester Thestrals140*
Manchester Manticores70
Velociraptors QC120*
Tornadoes QC20 Third place
Bangor Broken Broomsticks40Loughborough Longshots110^
Tornadoes QC200* Tornadoes QC120

Consolation bracket[edit]

Play-in gamesQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
St. Andrews Snidgets90*
Holyrood Hippogriffs Seconds30
St. Andrews Snidgets10
Keele Squirrels70
Durham Direwolves40*
Keele Squirrels110

After bracket play had finished, two more matches were played between the four quarter-finals losers in order to rank the 15th–18th places:

Chester 130* 20 St. Andrews Snidgets
Direwolves 90* 10 Liverpool

Final standings[edit]

Position Team Stage Position Team Stage Position Team Stage
1st Velociraptors QC Final 9th Nottingham Nightmares UB play ins 17th Liverpuddly Cannons BQC play offs
2nd Durhamstrang Final 10th Manchester Manticores UB play ins 18th St. Andrews Snidgets BQC play offs
3rd Tornadoes QC Semis 11th York LB Finals 19th Holyrood Hippogriffs seconds LB play ins
4th Loughborough Longshots Semis 12th Sheffield QC LB finals 20th Preston LB play ins
5th Bangor Quarters 13th Derby QC LB Semi Finals
6th Leeds Griffins Quarters 14th Keele Squirrels LB Semi Finals
7th Leicester Thestrals Quarters 15th Durham Direwolves LB Quarter Finals
8th Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts Quarters 16th Chester LB quarter Finals

Southern Cup[edit]


The first southern cup was hosted by Southampton Quidditch club on the 8th-9 November. 8 teams competed over the weekend. The first day consisted of 2 groups of 4 while the second day was knockout. By the end of the weekend Oxfords Radcliffe Chimeras claimed gold, Southampton silver and London Unspeakables 3rd. The full brackets and final standings where as follows:

Bracket Play[edit]

Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras340
Norwich Nifflers 0
Radcliffe Chimeras210*
Falmouth Falcons10
Reading Rocs40
Falmouth Falcons170*
Radcliffe Chimeras140*
Southampton QC30
Southampton QC130*
Bristol Brizzlepuffs0
Southampton QC170*
London Unspeakables20 Third place
London Unspeakables70*
Oxford Quidlings60
Falmouth Falcons40
London Unspeakables50*

Final standings[edit]

Position Team Stage
1st Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras Final
2nd Southampton Quidditch Club Final
3rd London Unspeakables Semis
4th Falmouth Falcons Semis
5th-8th Bristol Brizzlepuffs Quarters
5th-8th Oxford Quidlings Quarters
5th-8th Norwich Nifflers Quarters
5th-8th Reading Rocs Quarters


The second Southern cup was held on the 14th and 15 November at Horspath Athletics Track (oxford), was due to follow a similar structure to its northern counterpart.[5] However due to technical issues the Consolation bracket had to be cancelled. Seventeen teams competed over the weekend with Oxfords Radcliffe Chimeras eventually claiming Gold. the upper bracket results are as follows:

Bracket play[edit]

Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras130
Southampton QC 2 50*
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras90*
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras130*
Warwick QC90
Taxes QC40
Warwick QC 130*
Warwick QC80*
Southampton QC 130 Third place
Southampton QC 1110*
Werewolves of London10
Southampton QC100*

Final standings[edit]

Position Team Stage Position Team Stage Position Team Stage
1st Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras Final 9th Swansea Seven Swans Groups 17th Exeter Patronums Groups
2nd Warwick QC Final 10th Reading Rocs Groups
3rd Southampton QC firsts Semis 11th Cambridge University QC Groups
4th BrizzleBears Semis 12th Oxford Quidlings Groups
5th Falmouth Falcons Quarters 13th BrizzleBees Groups
6th Werewolves of London Quarters 14th Norwich Nifflers Groups
7th Southampton QC seconds Quarters 15th London Unspeakables Groups
8th Taxes Quidditch Quarters 16th Portsmouth Horntail Strikers Groups


The third southern cup took place on the 29th-30 October at Millbrook rugby club in Southampton. 17 teams competed over the weekend with the top 16 qualifying for the coming British Quidditch cup. The weekend Followed a similar structure to last years with day one being group stage and day to single elimination knockout. Due to only 16 teams qualifying for BQC a play in match between the two lowest seed teams after day one was played to distinguish 16th and 17th place. by the end of the tournament Warwick QC had claimed gold, the full bracket results and final standings where as follows:

Upper bracket[edit]

Werewolves of London180
Werewolves of London130*
Warwick QC40*
Werewolves of London20
Warwick QC110*
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras30
Warwick QC110*
London Unspeakables0 Third place
London Unspeakables110*^
Southampton QC Firsts80
London Unspeakables30

Consolation bracket[edit]

Play-in gamesQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Oxford Quidlings50
Southampton QC Seconds130*
Oxford Quidlings130*
The Flying Chaucers60
Southampton QC Seconds40
Exeter Eagles50
Cambridge University QC170*
Exeter Eagles70*
Reading Rocs90

Final standings[edit]

Position Team Stage Position Team Stage Position Team Stage
1st Warwick QC Final 9th Falmouth Falcons LB Final 17th Flying Chaucers LB play-ins
2nd Werewolves of London Final 10th Exeter Eagles LB Final
3rd BrizzleBears Semis 11th Southampton QC Seconds LB Semis
4th London Unspeakables Semis 12th BrizzleBees LB semis
5th Southampton QC Firsts Quarters 13th Oxford Quidlings LB Quarters
6th Swansea Seven Swans Quarters 14th Cambridge University QC LB Quarters
7th Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras Quarters 15th Reading Rocs LB Quarters
8th Portsmouth Quarters 16th Norwich Nifflers LB semis Quarters


The fourth Southern Cup took place on the 11–12 November at Millbrook rugby club in Southampton. 21 teams competed over the weekend with the Top 15 qualifying for the coming British Quidditch cup. The weekend followed a similar structure to the format of previous years, with day one having group stage matches and day two containing single elimination playoffs. Due to only 15 teams qualifying for BQC, play in matches took place between the lowest seeded teams in the Lower Bracket to determine the teams that qualify. The tournament was won by Southampton QC Firsts. The full bracket results are as follows:

Upper bracket[edit]

Play-in gamesQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Werewolves of London150
Exeter Eagles30*
Bristol Bees20
Exeter Eagles130*
Werewolves of London90*
Warwick QC50
Warwick QC70*
London Unspeakables40
Southampton QC Firsts140*
Werewolves of London90
Southampton QC Firsts130
Portsmouth Strikers30*
Reading Knights50
Portsmouth Strikers70*
Southampton QC Firsts130*
Bristol Bears10 Third place
Radcliffe Chimeras40Warwick QC120*
Bristol Bears70* Bristol Bears30

Consolation bracket[edit]

Play-in gamesQuarter-finals (BQC qualification)Semi-finalsFinal
Falmouth FalconsW
London UnbreakablesFF
London Unbreakables120*
Norwich Nifflers70
Falmouth Falcons160*
Cambridge University QC40
Bath QC70*°
Cambridge University QC90°°
Falmouth Falcons70*
Southampton QC Seconds60
Southampton QC Seconds120
Oxford Quidlings10
Oxford QuidlingsW
The Flying ChaucersFF
Southampton QC Seconds70*
Swansea Swans20
Swansea Swans130*
Bournemouth Banshees30
Bournemouth BansheesW
Winchester WampusFF

Past champions[edit]

Northern champions[edit]

Year Host Winner Score Runner-up Third place Score Fourth place Number of teams
2014 Keele Quidditch Club Bangor Broken Broomsticks 80–60* Nottingham Nightmares Keele Squirrels 90^–60* Loughborough Longshots 8
2015[6] Belmont Community School, Durham Nottingham Nightmares 150*–50 Durhamstrang Loughborough Longshots 100*–70 Keele Squirrels 14
2016 Belmont Community School, Durham Velociraptors QC 150*-30 Durhamstrang Tornadoes QC 120-110^ Loughborough Longshots 20

Southern champions[edit]

Year Host Winner Score Runner-up Third place Score Fourth place Number of teams
2014 Southampton Quidditch Club Radcliffe Chimeras 140*–30 Southampton QC London Unspeakables 50*–40 Falmouth Falcons 8
2015[7][8] Horspath Athletics Ground (Oxford) Radcliffe Chimeras 130*–90 Warwick QC Southampton QC Firsts 100*–0 Brizzlebears 17
2016 Millbrook Rugby Club (Southampton) Warwick QC 40*–20 Werewolves of London BrizzleBears 110*–30 London Unspeakables 17
2017 Millbrook Rugby Club (Southampton) Southampton QC Firsts 140*–90 Werewolves of London Warwick QC 120*–30 Bristol Bears 21

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