Northland School

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Northland School
14 Harbour View Road,
New Zealand
Coordinates 41°16′50″S 174°45′35″E / 41.2805°S 174.7598°E / -41.2805; 174.7598Coordinates: 41°16′50″S 174°45′35″E / 41.2805°S 174.7598°E / -41.2805; 174.7598
Type State coed primary,
years 1-8
Established 1906
Ministry of Education Institution no. 2931
Principal Jeremy Edwards
School roll 321[1] (February 2017)
Socio-economic decile 10
Northland School

Northland School is a small state primary school in western Wellington,established in 1906. It is in the suburb of Northland, thus its name. Northland School is situated at 14 Harbour View Road (on the corner of Northland Road and Harbour View Road). It is a decile ten school.

Sport: Northland School compete in many Western Zone Championships. These include football, rippa rugby, cricket, athletics and swimming.


The school caters for Years 1 through 8, and there are 4 teams, each made up of 2-3 year groups. Each team has 3-4 classes and the children change classes every year.

2006 Centennial[edit]

In 2006, Northland School held its 100 Year Anniversary. All of the students took part in the school play. The students were divided into four teams; Team 1 (Years 0-2) took the first 25 years, Team 2 (Years 3-4) took the next 25 years, Team 3 (Years 5-6) took the next 25 years, and Team 4 (Years 7-8) took the last 25 years.

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