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Northumberland Island
Native name: Kiatak (Kujata)
Northumberland Island is located in Greenland
Northumberland Island
Northumberland Island
Location Baffin Bay, Greenland
Coordinates 77°22′N 71°55′W / 77.367°N 71.917°W / 77.367; -71.917Coordinates: 77°22′N 71°55′W / 77.367°N 71.917°W / 77.367; -71.917
Municipality Qaasuitsup
Population uninhabited

Kiatak or Northumberland Island (Danish: Northumberland Ø), also known as Kujata, is an island off the coast of northern Greenland.[1]


This relatively large island is part of a small group formed by Kiatak, Herbert Island and Hakluyt Island. The latter is the smallest of the group and lies off Kiatak's western shore.[2]

The island was inhabited at the time of Robert Peary's Greenland expeditions in 1886 and 1891-1897.[3]

View of a cliff in Hakluyt Island with Kiatak in the background.
19th century map with Northumberland Island, Herbert Island, Whale Sound and Inglefield Gulf.

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