Northumbria Flames

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Northumbria Flames
Northumbria Flames logo.png
League British Universities Ice Hockey Association
Divisions Division 2 Northern

Division 3 Northern

Founded 2001
History 2001–present
Arena Whitley Bay Ice Rink
University Northumbria University
Team colours Red, black and white

The Northumbria Flames are an ice hockey club under the British Universities Ice Hockey Association, with a team entered into division 2 (2011 Season). They represent Northumbria University at home, away and national games.


The club's aim has always been to help players develop while enjoying their hockey. With a little work, they also developed into an unstoppable force and won every match in the 2006-07 season to take the Northern League title - proving that the formula works.

The Northumbria Flames were originally part of a larger squad comprising students from both Newcastle and Northumbria universities. In 2001, due to financial disagreements between the two institutions the club split and the Flames were born.

In the early days the Flames traditionally played the underdogs to the league's top teams, but always turned in healthy performances against local rivals Newcastle Wildcats and at the end-of-season nationals tournament. As new players joined, the standard of play gradually improved and the numbers swelled until we were able to launch a B team (division 3) in 2006. We're now able to focus on pushing for glory with the A team and welcoming and developing rookies in the B team, ranging from roller hockey veterans to complete beginners.

2008 Club Reshuffle[edit]

Over the summer of 2008, it was decided that from the following season, depending on the amount of new players, a third team is to be introduced. This third team will be another entry into Division 2, and will be named the B team. The B team of previous seasons is to be renamed the C team. The Northumbria Flames will then have two teams entered into Division 2, and one team in Division 3.

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