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Northwave may refer to:

  • Northwave, a Dutch consultancy company, based in Nieuwegein, specialized in business security, cyber security, risk management and compliance
  • Northwave, an Italian manufacturer of sportswear, specializing in snowboard, windsurfing and cycling equipment

Northwave Business and Cyber Security[edit]

Northwave helps organisations to formulate, design and maintain their information security policy in protecting an organisation's business processes, as well as their position in cyberspace.

Northwave offers preventive services for business security and cyber security, assisting organizations in taking control of information security and of cyber threats.

Security management consultants[edit]

The company first started out as a consultancy firm in the early 2000s. In 2006 Northwave as a security brand formed in the Netherlands and Belgium. Northwave began to develop multiple disciplines in security management, especially cybersecurity intelligence, forensics and cybersecurity information services, besides the existing practice of security consultancy.

Northwave Business Security[edit]

Northwave Business Security is an independent centre of expertise on security, risk management and compliance. They assist organization in the business continuity of company's processes, particularly where processes or systems are at stake.

Northwave Cyber Security[edit]

Northwave Cyber Security examines and advises in order to prevent, detect and solve fraud and cyber crime. Northwave Cyber Security is a leading digital security business based in the Netherlands. Northwave protects the continuity and the digital security of companies and government institutions, in particular when critical business processes operate in cyberspace or are in contact with cyberspace. Northwave Cyber Security is IT-technologically orientated and offers preventive cyber defense and security services. Northwave Cyber Security ensures that the level of protection of crucial IT networks and system are increased, that cyber crime can be monitored more effectively and that abuse can be traced and persecuted.

Northwave Audit Security[edit]

Northwave Audit Security does audits, assessments and screenings on purely technical matters, as well as on business processes and policy, and on integral strategic policy, tactical-operational and purely technical issues.

Northwave Sportswear[edit]

Northwave is a manufacturer of snowboard and cycling equipment. Northwave was started by Gianni Piva in Montebelluna, Italy and is owned by the Piva family.

Shoes and boots[edit]

The company first started out as a shoe manufacturer in the early 1980s, when they produced shoes for other companies. Then in the late 1980s when snowboarding was first starting to take form, Piva started to manufacture snowboard boots for other snowboard companies. After doing extensive R&D, he began to develop his own brand of boots.


Piva bought the company name, Northwave, which originally stemmed from a wind surfing company in Hood River, Oregon, United States. In 1991 Northwave came out with its own line of snowboard boots. In the mid-1990s Northwave bought Drake bindings, which was an already established binding company. Drake bindings were very well designed and quality built, but had poor distribution. In mid-1997 Drake bindings became part of Northwave but kept its original brand name. In 1998 Bakoda Design Logic snowboard accessories, was added to the company. Bakoda was originally started in the early 1990s by the Royes brothers in 1998. Northwave bought the company, leaving the brand with its originally established name.

Snowboards and cycling shoes[edit]

Gianni Piva had wanted to add snowboards to his company for many years, and after over 10 years of being in the snowboard industry, Northwave started up Venue snowboards. Due to the such high success in the action sports industry, Piva decided to develop cycling shoes. So, in the early to mid-1990s, Northwave cycling shoes started in production.

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