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Location of the Tây Bắc (Northwest) region in Vietnam

Tây Bắc (literally "Northwest") is one of the regions of Vietnam, located in the mountainous northwestern part of the country. It consists of four provinces: Điện Biên, Lai Châu, Sơn La, and Hòa Bình. The two provinces Lào Cai and Yên Bái are usually seen as part of the Northwest region. It has a population of about two and a half million.


Statistics of Tây Bắc
Provinces/Municipality Capital Population (Census April 1, 2009) Area (km²)
Điện Biên Dien Bien Phu 459,100 9,562.5 km²
Hòa Bình Hòa Bình 820,400 4,684.2 km²
Lai Châu Lai Châu 319,900 9,112.3 km²
Sơn La Sơn La 1,007,500 14,174.4 km²
Lào Cai Lào Cai 613,075 6,357 km²
Yên Bái Yên Bái 740,905 6,882.9 km²

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Coordinates: 21°33′N 104°30′E / 21.550°N 104.500°E / 21.550; 104.500