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The Northwest Illinois Conference (NWIC) was a high school conference in northwest and north central Illinois. The conference participated in athletics and activities in the Illinois High School Association. The conference included small public high schools, and one small private school, with enrollments between 75-400 students in Carroll, Jo Daviess, Stephenson and Winnebago counties.


Originally known as the Stephenson County Conference, the first year of competition was 1958 with four charter schools: Dakota, Durand, Lena-Winslow and Orangeville. In 1959 Freeport Aquin, Galena, Stockton and Warren joined from the disbanded US Grant Conference. Pearl City joined the conference in 1960 increasing the total number of teams to nine. The last year of competition under the Stephenson County name was 1962.

Based on the fact that the conference contained schools from Jo Daviess, Stephenson and Winnebago Counties, in 1963 it became known as the Northwest Conference. Additionally, in 1966, Lanark, from Carroll County, joined the conference, bringing the total number of schools to 10. In 1974 after Durand, Orangeville and Pearl City left for the Upstate Illini Conference, the remaining schools changed the name to the Northwest Illinois Conference.

Officially formed in 1974, the 7 members were Dakota, Freeport Aquin, Galena, Lanark, Lena-Winslow, Stockton and Warren. In 1977, Orangeville returned to the fold increasing the total teams to eight. As the 1986 school year began, Lanark consolidated with Shannon, becoming Eastland High School. After 30 years of membership, in 1988 Warren dropped out of the conference. However, East Dubuque quickly replaced them in 1989, keeping the total number of teams an even eight. Unfortunately, in 1995 they decided to leave the conference. This left the conference in a situation they had not had not been in since 1976, an odd number of teams for which to schedule. The final season for the NWIC occurred in 1995. Beginning in 1996, this conference merged with the Upstate Illini.

Member schools[edit]

School Location Mascot Colors Year Joined Year Left IHSA Classes A/AA[1] IHSA Music Class[2] IHSA Football Class[3]
Aquin Catholic
High School
Freeport, IL Bulldogs          
Navy Blue, Gold
1959 1996 A D 1A
High School
Dakota, IL Indians          
Maroon, White
1958 1996 A C 1A
High School
Durand, IL Bulldogs          
Royal Blue, White
1958 1974 A C 1A
East Dubuque
High School
East Dubuque, IL Warriors          
Royal Blue, White
1989 1995 A C 1A
High School
Lanark, IL Cougars          
Royal Blue, Orange
1966 as Lanark 1996 A C 1A
High School
Galena, IL Pirates          
Royal Blue, White
1959 1996 A C 1A
High School
Lena, IL Panthers          
Black, Gold
1958 1996 A C 1A
High School
Orangeville, IL Broncos          
Purple, Gold
A D 1A
Pearl City
High School
Pearl City, IL Wolves               
Red, White, Black
1960 1974 A D 1A
High School
Stockton, IL Blackhawks          
Maroon, Gold
1959 1996 A D 1A
High School
Warren, IL Warriors          
Orange, Black
1959 1988 A D 1A

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Membership timeline[edit]

Northwest 8 Upstate Illini

Full members Various Conferences/Independent US Grant Conference Upstate Illini Conference Northwest 8 Conference

Competitive Success[edit]

The Northwest Illinois Conference won 5 team state championships in IHSA sponsored athletics and activities.[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20] The conference also produced 15 individual championships, including track & field,[12][18] and wrestling.[21]

State Champions[edit]


School Sport/Activity Gender Year Class
Stockton Football Boys 1978-79 2A
Aquin Central Catholic Football Boys 1981-82 1A
Aquin Central Catholic Football Boys 1986-87 1A
Orangeville Football Boys 1989-90 1A
Stockton Football Boys 1991-92 1A


Athlete(s) School Sport/Activity Event/Level Gender Year Class
Toni Logemann Stockton Track & Field 800m Run Girls 1994-95 A
Jerry Raab Stockton Wrestling 98 lbs Boys 1975-76 A
Pete Alber Dakota Wrestling 98 lbs Boys 1980-81 A
Jerry Raab Stockton Wrestling 105 lbs Boys 1976-77 A
Mike Lizer Dakota Wrestling 105 lbs Boys 1978-79 A
Tony Alber Dakota Wrestling 105 lbs Boys 1979-80 A
Dennis Lizer Dakota Wrestling 112 lbs Boys 1976-77 A
Steve Webster Dakota Wrestling 126 lbs Boys 1973-74 A
Greg Alber Dakota Wrestling 126 lbs Boys 1987-88 A
Brian Woodley Dakota Wrestling 167 lbs Boys 1993-94 A
Jeff Eastlick Stockton Wrestling 185 lbs Boys 1977-78 A
Andy McPeek Lena-Winslow Wrestling 189 lbs Boys 1992-93 A
Wes Folk Dakota Wrestling 189 lbs Boys 1994-95 A
Dave Eaton Galena Track & Field 100m Dash Boys 1986-87 A
Jeremy Daughenbaugh
Kurt Kramer
Jayson Lietzen
Jeremy Spencer
Lena-Winslow Track & Field 4x100m Relay Boys 1992-93 A


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