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Northwest Ohio Athletic League

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The Northwest Ohio Athletic League (NWOAL) is a high school sports league in the U.S. state of Ohio. Beginning in 1926, it is officially the oldest athletic league in the state of Ohio. The league sponsors many sports, including: football, boys & girls cross country, volleyball, boys & girls soccer, wrestling, golf, boys & girls basketball, baseball, softball, and boys & girls track & field. The average school enrollment ranges from 250 to 450 students making it a small to mid-size school league. The NWOAL members have won a total of 26 team state championships.

Current members[edit]

The member schools of the NWOAL.
School Nickname Location Enrollment (CB/FB 2020) State FB Region (2020) Colors Type Middle school(s) Tenure
Archbold Blue Streaks Archbold 151 6:22 Navy Blue, Gold
Public Archbold MS 1960-
Bryan Golden Bears Bryan 249 4:14 Purple, Gold
Public Bryan MS 1926-
Delta Panthers Delta 138 6:22 Green, White
Public Delta MS 1926-31, 1957–69, 1978-
Evergreen Vikings Metamora 158 6:22 Green, Gold
Public Evergreen MS 1969-71, 1978-
Liberty Center Tigers Liberty Center 142 6:22 Orange, Black
Public Liberty Center MS 1926-
Patrick Henry Patriots Hamler 103 7:26 Red, White, Blue
Public Patrick Henry MS 1978-
Swanton Bulldogs Swanton 174 5:18 Purple, White
Public Swanton MS 1957-69, 1978-
Wauseon Indians Wauseon 236 4:14 Red, White
Public Wauseon MS 1926-

Affiliate member[edit]

School Nickname Location Colors Type Middle school(s) Tenure Sport
Montpelier Locomotives Montpelier Navy Blue, Columbia Blue, White
Public Montpelier JHS 1926-2016 (Full),
2016- (Affiliate)

Former members[edit]

School Nickname Location Colors Type Membership Tenure Notes
Defiance Bulldogs Defiance Royal Blue, White
Public 1931-55 Voted out, eventually joined the WBL
Napoleon Wildcats Napoleon Navy Blue, White
Public 1926–78 Left for the GLL, currently in the NLL

League history[edit]

The all-time member schools of the NWOAL. Full members are in red, affiliate members are green, and former members are blue.


  • The NWOAL began competition in 1926 with charter members Bryan, Delta, Liberty Center, Montpelier, Napoleon, and Wauseon. The inaugural sports of competition are football, boys basketball, and track.[2]
  • A dissatisfied Delta left in 1931 and was replaced by Defiance.[2]


  • Baseball and golf are offered as sports for league competition in the 1953–54 school year.
  • Defiance was voted out of the league in 1954 for having an enrollment over twice the average of the smaller schools and for being dominant in league titles. They left at the end of the 1954–55 school year.[2]
  • Fairview and Paulding apply and are denied league membership in the 50s.[3]
  • Swanton and Delta are invited to join and enter the NWOAL in 1957 after a tenure in the Maumee Valley League, this was Delta's second entry into the league.[2]
  • Archbold is also invited at the same time and joins in 1960.[2]
  • Wrestling becomes a league sport for the 1959–60 school year.[4]
  • Ottawa Hills was considered for membership in 1959, but they never officially joined the NWOAL. It was around this time that it became obvious that the smaller schools were not satisfied with the dominance Napoleon (and to a lesser extent, Bryan) were displaying in acquiring all-sports crowns.[2]


  • In spring 1968, Defiance re-applied and was denied admission for NWOAL membership, making it evident schools of that size were not welcome in the league. Talk began of Bryan, Defiance, and Napoleon joining up in another league separate from the NWOAL.[2]
  • In 1969, the Northern Border League was formed by the smaller members of the NWOAL as a way for them to compete for league titles. Delta and Swanton withdrew from the NWOAL completely while Archbold, Liberty Center, Montpelier, Wauseon and the recently joined Evergreen become dual members of both the NBL and the now 7-member NWOAL. Patrick Henry would also compete in the NBL after consolidating for the 1969–70 school year, although their football team wouldn't begin NBL play until 1970. Competition between the five dual-league members counted in the standings for both the NWOAL and the NBL.[5]
  • Cross country becomes a league sport in the 1969–70 school year.


  • Consolidated in 1969, Patrick Henry's football team joined the NBL in 1970.[6]
  • In 1971, Evergreen left the NWOAL to solely compete in the NBL.[7]
  • In the spring of 1972, the NWOAL began their first league championship season for a girls sport with track & field.
  • Volleyball became a league sport in 1973.
  • In February 1973, more tensions arose when Liberty Center considered leaving the NWOAL completely to compete solely in the NBL.[2] Napoleon also displayed intention of leaving the league they felt they were not wanted in, and it was widely believed that Archbold, Montpelier, and Wauseon would follow Liberty Center's suit. This would have caused Bryan and Napoleon to be left without a league home. Community support kept Liberty Center in the NWOAL, and the league sat on shaky ground for a few more years.
  • Girls basketball started up with the 1975–76 season.
  • In the spring of 1978, Napoleon finally left the NWOAL and sought competition from larger schools in the Great Lakes League. Upon Napoleon's departure, the NBL folded and was absorbed by the NWOAL in the fall of 1978. Patrick Henry joined for the first time while Delta, Evergreen, and Swanton returned again.[8]


  • Girls cross country begins in 1981.
  • Softball became a league sport in the spring of 1987.


  • For the 2011–12 school year, girls soccer and bowling for both boys and girls begin as league sports.
  • Prior to the 2013–14 school year, the NWOAL made an alteration to the league constitution in order to make football scheduling easier on member schools. The first option allows a 10th school to join the league without becoming a full member of the league, while the second option allows a current member to leave the NWOAL to play football in another league or as an independent.[9]
  • In May 2014, the Toledo Area Athletic Conference approved adding Montpelier to its league for football only beginning with the 2016 season.[10] In early June 2014, Montpelier's school board voted to remain in the NWOAL for 2014–15, compete as a football independent in the 2015 season, and then for the 2016–17 school year, they joined the TAAC for football only, became a full-member of the Buckeye Border Conference, and remained an NWOAL affiliate for wrestling only.[1]

League facts[edit]

  • In 2017, the NWOAL crowned its first female league champion in wrestling as McKayla Campbell of Wauseon won the league championship for the 134 pound weight class at the league wrestling meet.
  • For the first time in league history, two teams qualified for the OHSAA boys state basketball Final Four in the same season in 2017, as both Archbold and Wauseon made the state Final Four in divisions 2 and 3 respectively.[11]
  • Archbold's softball team set an OHSAA record by becoming the first team to win 12 consecutive league championships in softball after winning the title in the 2017 season. That streak ended in 2018, as Wauseon won the NWOAL softball title outright, marking the first time since 2005 that Archbold did not win a softball title.

League championships[edit]

Boys team champions[edit]

School Year Football[12] Soccer Cross Country[13] Golf[14] Basketball[15] Wrestling[16] Bowling Baseball[17] Track & Field[18]
1926-27 Napoleon began 2013 began 1969 began1954 Napoleon began 1959-60 began 2011-12 began 1954 Montpelier
1927-28 Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon
1928-29 Montpelier Wauseon Napoleon
1929-30 Napoleon Bryan Bryan
1930-31 Bryan Bryan, Montpelier Bryan
1931-32 Defiance Napoleon Bryan
1932-33 Defiance Wauseon Wauseon
1933-34 Defiance Defiance Bryan
1934-35 Defiance Defiance Bryan
1935-36 Bryan Defiance Bryan
1936-37 Bryan Defiance Bryan
1937-38 Liberty Center Liberty Center, Napoleon Bryan
1938-39 Defiance Bryan Bryan
1939-40 Bryan Defiance Bryan, Montpelier
1940-41 Bryan Bryan, Defiance, Wauseon Bryan
1941-42 Bryan, Defiance, Napoleon Defiance Bryan
1942-43 Defiance Defiance Montpelier
1943-44 Defiance Wauseon Montpelier
1944-45 Wauseon Wauseon Wauseon
1945-46 Defiance, Montpelier Defiance Bryan
1946-47 Defiance, Montpelier Bryan Defiance
1947-48 Napoleon Napoleon Defiance
1948-49 Defiance Defiance, Liberty Center Napoleon
1949-50 Napoleon Defiance Napoleon
1950-51 Montpelier Bryan Montpelier
1951-52 Bryan, Napoleon Bryan Napoleon
1952-53 Defiance Napoleon Defiance
1953-54 Defiance Bryan Defiance Defiance
1954-55 Wauseon Defiance Montpelier Bryan Defiance
1955-56 Napoleon Defiance Montpelier Montpelier Napoleon
1956-57 Bryan, Napoleon Napoleon Bryan Bryan Bryan
1957-58 Napoleon Napoleon Bryan Bryan Bryan
1958-59 Napoleon Napoleon Bryan Bryan Bryan
1959-60 Wauseon Napoleon Napoleon Montpelier Bryan Napoleon
1960-61 Napoleon Bryan Napoleon Napoleon Archbold, Bryan Montpelier
1961-62 Napoleon Napoleon Archbold, Napoleon Napoleon Archbold Napoleon
1962-63 Wauseon Bryan Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Montpelier
1963-64 Napoleon Bryan Bryan, Napoleon, Swanton, Wauseon Napoleon Bryan Napoleon
1964-65 Bryan Bryan Bryan Delta Swanton Bryan
1965-66 Liberty Center, Napoleon Napoleon Archbold Napoleon Swanton Bryan, Napoleon
1966-67 Napoleon Napoleon Archbold Napoleon Liberty Center, Napoleon Napoleon
1967-68 Napoleon Bryan Archbold Napoleon Archbold Napoleon
1968-69 Bryan, Wauseon Napoleon Archbold, Bryan, Napoleon Napoleon Bryan Napoleon
1969-70 Bryan, Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Bryan, Napoleon Montpelier
1970-71 Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Archbold Archbold, Napoleon Napoleon
1971-72 Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Archbold, Napoleon Napoleon
1972-73 Napoleon Liberty Center Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Archbold Wauseon
1973-74 Napoleon Napoleon Bryan/Bryan* Wauseon Wauseon Napoleon, Wauseon Liberty Center
1974-75 Wauseon Wauseon Bryan Wauseon Liberty Center Wauseon Wauseon
1975-76 Napoleon Liberty Center Napoleon Archbold Napoleon, Wauseon Archbold Napoleon
1976-77 Napoleon Bryan Bryan Archbold Archbold Archbold Napoleon
1977-78 Bryan Bryan Napoleon Archbold Archbold Napoleon Wauseon
1978-79 Wauseon Bryan Bryan Swanton Swanton Delta Bryan
1979-80 Wauseon Bryan Wauseon Swanton Swanton, Wauseon Delta Montpelier
1980-81 Archbold Bryan Wauseon Archbold, Swanton Swanton, Wauseon Archbold Bryan, Liberty Center
1981-82 Swanton Swanton Bryan Swanton Swanton Archbold Wauseon
1982-83 Archbold Swanton Wauseon Patrick Henry Swanton, Wauseon Swanton Delta
1983-84 Archbold, Montpelier Bryan Bryan Patrick Henry Wauseon Swanton Wauseon
1984-85 Evergreen Bryan Bryan Archbold Liberty Center Archbold Archbold
1985-86 Archbold, Bryan, Swanton Bryan Wauseon Patrick Henry Swanton Delta Wauseon
1986-87 Bryan Swanton Bryan Archbold Swanton Bryan Swanton
1987-88 Archbold Swanton Bryan Archbold, Swanton Liberty Center Bryan Swanton, Wauseon
1988-89 Archbold Swanton Wauseon Liberty Center Archbold, Delta Swanton Swanton
1989-90 Archbold, Swanton Swanton Wauseon Archbold, Bryan, Delta, Wauseon Archbold Bryan, Delta, Swanton Wauseon
1990-91 Archbold Swanton Bryan Bryan Swanton Bryan Wauseon
1991-92 Swanton Swanton Bryan Patrick Henry, Wauseon Delta Bryan Wauseon
1992-93 Liberty Center Swanton Swanton Wauseon Delta Bryan, Wauseon Wauseon
1993-94 Wauseon Bryan Swanton Wauseon Delta, Wauseon Wauseon Liberty Center
1994-95 Wauseon Bryan Bryan Delta Archbold Bryan Bryan
1995-96 Swanton Bryan Bryan Archbold Delta Bryan Bryan
1996-97 Patrick Henry Bryan Bryan Bryan, Patrick Henry Delta Bryan Liberty Center
1997-98 Patrick Henry Bryan Bryan Evergreen, Patrick Henry Delta Bryan Liberty Center
1998-99 Liberty Center Bryan Wauseon Archbold, Patrick Henry Delta Delta Wauseon
1999-00 Liberty Center, Wauseon Bryan Bryan Wauseon Liberty Center Archbold Wauseon
2000-01 Liberty Center Archbold Bryan Archbold Archbold Archbold Archbold
2001-02 Liberty Center Bryan Bryan Bryan Delta Bryan, Delta, Patrick Henry Archbold
2002-03 Delta, Patrick Henry Bryan Wauseon Archbold Delta Patrick Henry Archbold, Wauseon
2003-04 Patrick Henry Bryan Wauseon Archbold Archbold, Liberty Center Archbold, Bryan Liberty Center
2004-05 Patrick Henry Wauseon Bryan Archbold, Liberty Center Liberty Center Archbold, Bryan, Delta Wauseon
2005-06 Patrick Henry Delta Wauseon Patrick Henry Liberty Center Patrick Henry Delta
2006-07 Delta, Patrick Henry Bryan Bryan Patrick Henry Archbold Patrick Henry Delta
2007-08 Patrick Henry, Wauseon Delta Wauseon Archbold Delta Bryan Delta
2008-09 Patrick Henry Delta Bryan Bryan, Evergreen Liberty Center Bryan Archbold
2009-10 Patrick Henry Delta Bryan Archbold Wauseon Bryan Archbold
2010-11 Archbold Delta Bryan Archbold Wauseon Bryan Archbold
2011-12 Liberty Center Archbold Bryan Archbold Wauseon Wauseon Bryan Archbold
2012-13 Bryan Bryan Wauseon Archbold, Wauseon Delta Liberty Center Wauseon Archbold
2013-14 Bryan Archbold, Bryan Bryan Wauseon Archbold, Bryan Delta Wauseon Wauseon Archbold
2014-15 Wauseon Bryan Liberty Center Wauseon Archbold, Swanton, Wauseon Wauseon Bryan Bryan Wauseon
2015-16 Swanton, Wauseon Archbold Wauseon Archbold Archbold, Wauseon Delta Bryan, Liberty Center Bryan Wauseon
2016-17 Patrick Henry Archbold Wauseon Archbold Wauseon Wauseon Bryan Archbold Archbold
2017-18 Archbold Archbold Liberty Center Archbold Wauseon Wauseon Bryan Bryan Wauseon
2018-19 Patrick Henry Archbold Liberty Center Archbold Archbold Wauseon Bryan Archbold Bryan
  • Note: Bryan won a spring golf title during the 1973–74 school year.


Girls team champions[edit]

School Year Volleyball[20] Cross Country[21] Soccer Basketball[22] Bowling Softball[23] Track & Field[24]
1971-72 began 1975 began 1981 began 2011 began 1975-76 began 2011-12 began 1987 Napoleon
1972-73 Montpelier
1973-74 Montpelier
1974-75 Montpelier
1975-76 Montpelier Archbold Montpelier
1976-77 Archbold Archbold Napoleon
1977-78 Archbold Bryan Napoleon
1978-79 Montpelier Bryan Swanton
1979-80 Montpelier Bryan Bryan
1980-81 Archbold Archbold, Swanton Archbold
1981-82 Archbold Delta Swanton Delta
1982-83 Archbold Wauseon Swanton Delta
1983-84 Delta Wauseon Evergreen Evergreen
1984-85 Archbold Wauseon Archbold, Bryan, Liberty Center, Swanton Evergreen
1985-86 Archbold Bryan Bryan Evergreen
1986-87 Archbold Bryan Delta, Patrick Henry Archbold, Delta, Wauseon Swanton
1987-88 Delta Swanton Patrick Henry Archbold Bryan
1988-89 Wauseon Swanton Swanton Wauseon Liberty Center
1989-90 Wauseon Swanton Patrick Henry Archbold Swanton
1990-91 Archbold Swanton Swanton Archbold Swanton
1991-92 Bryan Swanton Bryan Archbold Swanton
1992-93 Archbold Swanton Bryan Archbold Wauseon
1993-94 Wauseon Patrick Henry Archbold Archbold, Delta Patrick Henry
1994-95 Archbold Archbold Archbold Archbold Patrick Henry
1995-96 Archbold Bryan Archbold, Wauseon Wauseon Wauseon
1996-97 Archbold Wauseon Wauseon Archbold, Wauseon Liberty Center
1997-98 Archbold Archbold Wauseon Wauseon Liberty Center
1998-99 Archbold Archbold Montpelier, Wauseon Archbold Liberty Center
1999-00 Montpelier Archbold Wauseon Archbold Archbold
2000-01 Archbold, Montpelier Bryan Liberty Center Wauseon Liberty Center
2001-02 Archbold Wauseon Patrick Henry Archbold, Delta Liberty Center
2002-03 Evergreen Delta Archbold Delta Archbold
2003-04 Archbold, Evergreen Swanton Archbold, Wauseon Delta Archbold
2004-05 Liberty Center Wauseon Patrick Henry Delta Archbold
2005-06 Patrick Henry Wauseon Patrick Henry Archbold Wauseon
2006-07 Evergreen Wauseon Swanton Archbold Wauseon
2007-08 Archbold Wauseon Wauseon Archbold, Evergreen Wauseon
2008-09 Evergreen Wauseon Wauseon Archbold, Delta, Evergreen, Wauseon Wauseon
2009-10 Archbold Liberty Center Wauseon Archbold Patrick Henry
2010-11 Evergreen Liberty Center Archbold, Evergreen Archbold Archbold
2011-12 Archbold Liberty Center Archbold Archbold Bryan Archbold Liberty Center
2012-13 Archbold Liberty Center Archbold Archbold Bryan Archbold, Evergreen Archbold
2013-14 Delta, Evergreen Wauseon Archbold Archbold Bryan Archbold Wauseon
2014-15 Evergreen Liberty Center Delta Delta Bryan Archbold Wauseon
2015-16 Evergreen Liberty Center Swanton Evergreen Bryan Archbold Wauseon
2016-17 Patrick Henry Liberty Center Swanton Archbold Bryan Archbold Archbold
2017-18 Swanton Archbold Archbold Delta Bryan Wauseon Liberty Center
2018-19 Evergreen, Wauseon Archbold Liberty Center Delta Bryan Wauseon Liberty Center

Northern Border League (1969–1978)[edit]


For the 1969–70 school year, the Northern Border League was formed by the smaller-enrollment members of the NWOAL as a way to compete for league titles without Napoleon and Bryan.[25] Delta and Swanton withdrew from the NWOAL completely while Archbold, Liberty Center, Montpelier, Wauseon and the recently joined Evergreen become dual members of both the NBL and the now 7-member NWOAL.[5] Patrick Henry would also compete in the NBL after consolidating for the 1969–70 school year, although their football team wouldn't begin NBL play until 1970. Competition between the five dual-league members counted in the standings for both the NWOAL and the NBL.

Evergreen would withdraw from the NWOAL completely in 1971 and compete solely in the NBL. In 1973, Liberty Center also considered dropping their NWOAL membership solely for the NBL, which led to speculation that Archbold, Montpelier, and Wauseon would do the same in order to avoid competing with Napoleon. Evident that schools didn't want to play with Napoleon, the Wildcats started to look at other leagues for membership. When Napoleon joined the Great Lakes League in 1978, the NBL disbanded completely and all 8 schools joined the NWOAL with Bryan.

Boys team champions[edit]

School Year Football Cross Country Golf Basketball Wrestling Baseball Track & Field
1969-70 Montpelier, Wauseon[26] Archbold Swanton Archbold, Patrick Henry Archbold Montpelier, Swanton Montpelier
1970-71 Archbold[27] Swanton Montpelier Delta Archbold Patrick Henry Montpelier
1971-72 Patrick Henry[6] Liberty Center Montpelier Archbold, Delta Patrick Henry Archbold, Patrick Henry, Swanton Montpelier, Wauseon
1972-73 Archbold[28] Liberty Center Montpelier Patrick Henry Swanton Archbold, Evergreen Wauseon
1973-74 Montpelier[29] Swanton Montpelier Archbold, Delta, Patrick Henry, Wauseon Delta Evergreen, Patrick Henry Swanton
1974-75 Wauseon[30] Swanton Wauseon Wauseon Swanton Patrick Henry, Wauseon Wauseon
1975-76 Delta, Swanton[31] Liberty Center Montpelier Archbold, Delta Swanton Archbold, Evergreen Delta
1976-77 Swanton[32] Patrick Henry Wauseon Patrick Henry Archbold Evergreen Wauseon
1977-78 Patrick Henry[33] Wauseon Archbold Archbold Swanton Patrick Henry Wauseon

Girls team champions[edit]

School Year Volleyball Basketball Track & Field
1974-75 Delta/Montpelier Montpelier Montpelier
1975-76 Montpelier Archbold Montpelier
1976-77 Archbold Patrick Henry Swanton
1977-78 Archbold Patrick Henry Swanton
  • Note: Delta won the 1974 regular season NBL volleyball championship while Archbold won the combined league tournament with the NWOAL.

State championships[edit]

Fall sports[edit]

Boys Cross Country[34] Girls Cross Country Football Golf Boys Soccer Girls Soccer Girls Tennis Volleyball[34]
Archbold 1988 2018 1978, 1981, 1998
Bryan 1995
Liberty Center 2011, 2012, 2013 1997
Patrick Henry 2005
Wauseon 1993

Winter sports[edit]

Boys Basketball[35][36] Girls Basketball[34] Boys Bowling Girls Bowling Boys Swimming Girls Swimming Wrestling[34][37]
Delta 1989, 1996, 1998,

1999, 2014, 2016

Liberty Center
Patrick Henry 1997
Wauseon 1997 2018

Spring sports[edit]

Baseball[38] Softball Boys Tennis Boys Track & Field Girls Track & Field[34]
Archbold 2005 1982, 1984, 1986
Bryan 1975
Delta 1934
Liberty Center 1998
Patrick Henry 2008, 2009
Wauseon 1995

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