Northwest Territorial Imperative

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The Northwest Territorial Imperative is an idea popularized since the 1980s within white nationalist and white separatist groups in the United States. According to it, adherents of these groups are encouraged to relocate to a five-state region of the Northwestern United Statesviz., Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Western Montana or the western part at least to Interstate 15.[1] Northern California, Alaska, Wyoming, British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, and Northwest Territories are sometimes also included. The intent is to eventually declare the region an "Aryan" homeland, making it a form of settler colonialism. The primary proponent of this idea was Richard Girnt Butler (1918–2004), leader of the Aryan Nations. A secondary supporter was Robert Jay Mathews, who lived in Metaline Falls, Washington and advocated further colonization of the area along with David Lane who wrote a fictional short story advancing a form of the idea titled KD Rebel. The major current exponent of Northwest Migration is Harold Covington (b. 1953) of the Northwest Front.


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