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The Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NTPC) was established about 1988 to acquire and operate the former Northern Canada Power Commission (NCPC) assets within the Northwest Territories, which at that time also included Nunavut.

76% of NTPC's electrical generation is in the form of Hydro electricity. Hydro production has increased approximately 15% since 1990/91, reducing demand on diesel production and lower GHG emissions by 58% of 1990/91 levels. This has led NTPC to be recognized as a Gold Champion Level Reporter by the Canadian voluntary Challenge and Registry for seven consecutive years, including a leadership award and an honourable mention.

NTPC also sells electricity wholesale to Northland Utilities a private company providing electricity through holding companies in Yellowknife and Hay River. Liquid natural gas and diesel are used to generate electricity in Inuvik. All other communities served by NTPC generate power using diesel.

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