Northwest Territories general election, 2003

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Joe Handley, in 2006.

The Northwest Territories general election, 2003 was the 20th general election in the Canadian territory's history, conducted on November 24, 2003, to elect the 19 members of the Legislative Assembly.

The election was called on October 27. Premier Stephen Kakfwi had previously chosen not to run.

The territory operates on a consensus government system with no political parties; the premier is subsequently chosen by and from the Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). There were 21,474 registered voters at the time of the election.


Issues at the election included:

  • devolution of federal powers,
  • the method of choosing the premier,
  • the alcohol abuse and suicide problems,
  • shortage of medical professionals and affordable housing;
  • school crowding,
  • the $85-million deficit;
  • sharing of profits from mining and oil and gas development.


Elections were held in 14 of the 19 electoral districts. The following five districts acclaimed their MLA:

The following is a list of the districts with their winning candidates.

District Elected Percentage Other candidates
Deh Cho Michael McLeod 51.04% Michael Nadli
Frame Lake Charles Dent 62.96% David W. Wind
Great Slave Bill Braden 64.52% Karen Hamre
Hay River South Jane Groenewegen 44.56% Ann M. Lobb, Duncan McNeill, Harvey Werner
Inuvik Twin Lakes Roger Allen 54.53% Ken Smith, Bobby Van Bridger, Clarence G. Wood
Kam Lake Dave Ramsay 49.53% Bill Aho, Steve Petersen
Nahendeh Kevin A. Menicoche 34.48% Walter Blondin, Rita Cli, Yanny Leo Cordero, John Hazenberg, Arnold Hope, Shane A. Thompson, Kathy Tsetso
North Slave Henry Zoe 42.27% Nora P. Doig, Leon Lafferty
Nunakput Calvin P. Pokiak 52.5% Vince Steen
Range Lake Sandy Lee 80.56% Francis H. Chang
Sahtu Norman Yakeleya 45.59% Lucy Jackson, Frank T'Seleie, Larry M. Tourangeau, Judi M. Tutcho
Thebacha Michael Miltenberger 65.36% Don Tourangeau
Tu Nedhe Bobby J. Villeneuve 23.71% Maurice E. Boucher, Felix Lockhart, James Marlowe, Steven Nitah, Robert Sayine, Wilfred M. Simon
Yellowknife Centre Robert Hawkins 26.61% Bob Haywood, Don Kindt, Annemieke Mulders, Lena Pedersen (Pederson), Daniel A. Wong, Liz Wyman

Results (CBC News)

Joe Handley was acclaimed premier by the legislature on December 10, 2003. His two prospective opponents, Roger Allen and Floyd Roland, had announced that they would not run against him. [1]


In an unusual occurrence, the riding of Inuvik Twin Lakes experienced 150% voter turnout. 356 people were registered to vote in that riding, but an additional 187 showed up at the ballot box. A resident of a riding eligible but not registered to vote may register on the spot by presenting a proof of residency. [2]

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