Northwestern Mexico

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Northwestern Mexico
Location within Mexico
Location within Mexico
Country  Mexico
 • Governor of Baja California Francisco Vega de Lamadrid(PAN Party (Mexico).svg PAN)
 • Governor of Baja California Sur Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor (PAN Party (Mexico).svg PAN)
 • Governor of Sonora Claudia Pavlovich (PRI Party (Mexico).svg PRI)
 • Governor of Chihuahua César Duarte Jáquez (PRI Party (Mexico).svg PRI)
 • Governor of Durango Jorge Herrera (PRI Party (Mexico).svg PRI)
 • Total 753,154 km2 (290,794 sq mi)
Population (2009)
 • Total 12,364,254
 • Density 16.4/km2 (42/sq mi)
Time zone PST to CST
 • Summer (DST) PDT to CDT (UTC)

Northwestern Mexico (Spanish: Noroeste de México) is a region of Mexico (the United Mexican States) formed by the states of Durango, Sinaloa, Chihuahua, Sonora, Baja California and Baja California Sur.[1] The region is a mountainous area with large desert areas and stunning natural formations like Copper Canyon, Sierra Madre Occidental and Pinacate Peaks; vast deserts such as Gran Desierto de Altar and El Vizcaíno Desert; and it also includes the Gulf of California and the Baja California Peninsula that includes numerous large and small islands like Guadalupe Island, Cedros Island, Tiburón Island and Archangel Island.


Northwestern Mexico is a region with a high HDI.[2] Bordered on the north by the United States, south and west with the Pacific Ocean and the states of Nayarit,[3] and east with the states of Coahuila and Zacatecas.


State Official Name

Estado Libre y Soberano de:

Flag Capital Largest city Area[4] Population (2009)[5] Order of Admission
to Federation
Date of Admission
to Federation
Baja California Baja California Flag of Baja California.svg Mexicali Tijuana 07144671,446 km2 (27,585 sq mi) 03,122,408 029 1852011616-01-1952[6]
Baja California Sur Baja California Sur Flag of Baja California Sur.svg La Paz La Paz 07392273,922 km2 (28,541 sq mi) 0558,425 030 1974100808-10-1974[7]
Chihuahua Chihuahua Flag of Chihuahua.svg Chihuahua Ciudad Juárez 247455247,455 km2 (95,543 sq mi) 03,376,062 018 1824070606-07-1824[8]
Durango Durango Flag of Durango.svg Victoria de Durango Victoria de Durango 123451123,451 km2 (47,665 sq mi) 01,547,597 017 1824052222-05-1824[8]
Sinaloa Sinaloa Flag of Sinaloa.svg Culiacán Rosales Culiacán Rosales 05737757,377 km2 (22,153 sq mi) 02,650,499 020 1830101414-10-1830[9]
Sonora Sonora Flag of Sonora.svg Hermosillo Hermosillo 179503179,503 km2 (69,306 sq mi) 02,499,263 012 1824011010-01-1824[8]

Major cities[edit]

Major cities of Baja California
Mexicaliatnight.jpg Ensenada-mexico-night-flag-sm.jpg Garita-tecate.jpg
Mexicali Tijuana Ensenada Tecate
Major cities of Baja California Sur
Lapazbajac.jpg Los cabos arch.jpeg Loreto, BCS, City Hall.jpg Mulege oasis.jpg
La Paz Los Cabos Loreto Comondú
Major cities of Chihuahua
Skyline Chihuahua 2013.jpg PlazaDeLaMexicanidad.jpg Reloj delicias.jpg PalAlvarado.jpg
Chihuahua Ciudad Juárez Delicias Hidalgo del Parral
Major cities of Durango
Panoramica plaza de armas Durango.jpg Wulfenite-Mimetite-246461.jpg
Victoria de Durango Gómez Palacio Mapimí
Major cities of Sonora
Skyline Hermosillo.jpg Callesonoracentro.jpg Nogales.jpg File-parroquiasn.jpg
Hermosillo Ciudad Obregón Nogales San Luis Río Colorado
Major cities of Sinaloa
Mazatlan panorama from El Faro 1.jpg LMM International 4.JPG Navachiste.gif
Culiacán Mazatlán Los Mochis Guasave

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