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The Northwestern University Law Review Colloquy is a scholarly legal journal that is the online companion to the Northwestern University Law Review located at the Northwestern University School of Law. Although the Colloquy is published online, its scholarly and journalistic standards are equal to that of the print Law Review.[citation needed]

The Colloquy is the first scholarly weblog to be operated by a major law review. It features legal commentary in the form of essays, debates, series, book reviews, and responses to print Law Review pieces. The format of the Colloquy allows scholars to publish their thoughts within weeks of an emerging legal development anywhere within the field of legal inquiry, and provides a convenient forum for scholars to exchange ideas in the wake of such developments in the form of debates or multi-contributor series. Readers can rely upon the Law Review editors and staff to ensure that citations in these pieces support the assertions made in the posts. The Colloquy also provides for commenting on the essays and posts in a moderated forum.

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