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Place Norton
Area Stockton-on-Tees
Coordinates 54°35′53″N 1°19′18″W / 54.598°N 1.3216°W / 54.598; -1.3216Coordinates: 54°35′53″N 1°19′18″W / 54.598°N 1.3216°W / 54.598; -1.3216
Grid reference NZ439227
Original company North Eastern Railway
Pre-grouping North Eastern Railway
Post-grouping LNER
British Railways (North Eastern)
Platforms 2
1877 (1877) Station opened
7 March 1960 (1960-03-07) Station closed to passengers and goods traffic
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Norton-on-Tees railway station served the village of Norton, County Durham, England from 1877 to 1960, originally on the Port Clarence Branch of the Clarence Railway. For much of its later life the station was also a minor stop on the Durham Coast Line.


The first station to serve the village of Norton-on-Tees (known as Norton Junction) was opened by the Clarence Railway at the junction between their branches to North Shore and Port Clarence[1] which opened in 1833.[2] However this station was poorly situated for the village it served and so the North Eastern Railway replaced this station with a new one further along the Port Clarence Branch in 1877. The station was situated south of Billingham-on-Tees and north of Stockton station.[1]

Shortly beyond Billingham-on-Tees station, the next station to the west on the Port Clarence Branch, the former Stockton and Hartlepool Railway branched off the former Clarence Railway route towards West Hartlepool. Originally this had been a branch line however, after the North Eastern Railway completed the Durham Coast Line with the opening of the coastal route between Seaham and West Hartlepool in 1905, Norton station became a stop on the new coastal trunk route.[2]

Passenger services on the former Clarence route to Port Clarence were cut back to Haverton Hill on 11 September 1939 before being withdrawn completely on 14 June 1954,[3] though trains for workmen continued until November 1961.[4] The station remained a stop on the Durham Coast Line until it closed to both passengers and goods traffic on 7 March 1960. It was subsequently demolished in 1965.[5]


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