Norton & Sons

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Norton & Sons
Industry bespoke tailoring
Founded London, Great Britain 1859
Founder George Norton
Headquarters Savile Row
London, W1
United Kingdom

Norton & Sons is a Savile Row bespoke tailor founded in 1821 by Walter Grant Norton. The firm is located on the east side of the street, at No. 16.


In 1859, George James Norton was granted the freedom of the City of London. At about this time, the company became the tailor and Royal Warrant holder to William I, German Emperor. The firm specialized as a sporting tailor.

During the 1970s, the firm absorbed Hoare & Tautz, formed by the merger of E. Tautz & Sons, a sporting tailor, and J. Hoare & Co, a tailor.

In the early 21st century, the company makes fewer than 200 suits per year.[1] It was acquired from the Granger family in 2005[2] by Patrick Grant (designer), graduated the same year from Saïd Business School, and his investors.[3] Grant asked Moving Brands to design a "new identity",[4] and has "forged links with young British Fashion Designers".[5]

Norton & Sons is a comparatively small outfit, making about 300 bespoke suits a year (the largest probably makes about 1,000 per year) and employing seven tailors and just two cutters.[6]


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