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Norton Commander
ManufacturerNorton Motors Limited
Also calledP52 (police), P53 (civilian)
Production1988–1992; 253 units produced in total
Engine588 cc water-cooled twin-rotor Wankel engine
Power85 bhp (63 kW) at 9000 rpm
Torque75.4 Nm at 7000 rpm
Transmissionduplex primary chain, 5-ratio gearbox, single-row final drive chain
Wheelbase1486 mm
DimensionsL: 2200 mm
W: 880 mm
H: 1470 mm
Fuel capacity23 litres including a reserve of 3 litres

The Commander was a Norton motorcycle with a Wankel rotary engine.

The first Norton Wankel motorcycle was the 1987 Classic using an air-cooled engine, built as a special edition of just 100 machines. It was followed by the air-cooled Interpol 2 model.

The Commander was a liquid-cooled successor to the Interpol 2, liquid cooling being adopted for greater power and reliability. The Commander's final-drive chain was protected by a full enclosure. Some cycle parts (such as front wheel, forks & brakes) were bought-in Yamaha items.

Two types of Commander were built. The P52 was a single-seat model equipped for police use. The second was the dual-seat P53 civilian tourer. Both the P52 and P53 had panniers integral with their fibreglass bodywork. The P53 bodywork was later revised to have detachable Krauser K2 panniers.

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