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Norton Download Insight
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X
License Proprietary



Norton Download Insight provides the reputation information of any executable file that users download using the Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 3.0 browsers or later. Download Insight supports only downloads using hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP/HTTPS). The reputation details that Download Insight provides indicate whether the downloaded file is safe to install. Users can use these details to decide whether they want to Install the executable file.[1]

Norton Download Insight uses Symantec Quorum Backend Intelligence Technology. The following are the Reputation levels of a downloaded file:

  • Safe
  • Unsafe
  • Unknown

Program processing[edit]

Download Insight processes only the following file types:

  • .exe
  • .dll
  • .sys
  • .msi

Supported Portals[edit]

Norton Download Insight supports following portals[2]

  • Internet Explorer
  • QQ (Chat)
  • MSN Messenger (Chat)
  • Limewire (P2P)
  • MSN Explorer (Browser, E-mail & Chat)
  • Opera (Browser)
  • Outlook (E-mail)
  • Thunderbird (E-mail)
  • Windows Mail (E-mail)
  • Firefox (Browser)
  • Chrome (Browser)
  • BitTorrent (P2P)
  • AOL (Browser)
  • Yahoo Messenger (Chat)
  • Safari (Browser)
  • FileZilla (File Manager)
  • Outlook Express (E-mail)
  • Google Chrome (browser)

Download Insight 2.0[edit]

Norton 2012 Products include Download Insight 2.0 which provides the reliability information of the program being checked by Download Insight. The technology is compatible with any application, capable of downloading file including P2P clients, instant messengers and browsers.[citation needed]

Other new features of Norton 2010[edit]


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