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Norton Finance Group Ltd is a family owned, independent, finance broker based in Rotherham, United Kingdom. The company was founded by Keith Stringer in 1974.[1] The company is both a broker and a lender.[2] The company employs around 250 people.[3]


In 2002, Norton Finance were one of the more successful providers of secured loans in the UK when the market saw a 37% increase in sales.[4] In 2003 Norton Finance fell victim to a computer hack prank that sent emails to a number of their contacts.[5] In February 2012 Norton Finance (UK), which is part of the Norton Finance Group Ltd, entered administration. The larger Norton Finance Group Ltd continues to trade profitably.[6][7] In May 2012 Norton Finance helped launch the 1925 Club at Rotherham United F.C.'s New York Stadium.[8]

Television Advertisements[edit]

Norton Finance is well known for its daytime television advertising in the UK. Television personality Caroline Lindsay (Price Drop, Ideal World, Gems TV (UK)) is the current presenter.[9]


  • My Introducer Awards, Best Secured Loan Lender 2011[10][11]
  • Blemain Awards, Outstanding Contribution 2011[12]


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