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Norton Zone
Norton Zone Logo
Developer(s) Symantec
Initial release Beta: November 29, 2012[1][2][3]
General Release: May 14, 2013[4][5][6]
Operating system Windows,[7][8][9] Windows RT,[7][8] Android,[7][8][10] macOS,[7][8][11] iOS[7][8][12]
Type Online backup service
License Proprietary software

Norton Zone was a cloud file sharing and online backup tool service operated by Symantec that can be used to share, sync, access, store, and backup data.[1][5][7][8] It also allows for file collaboration with commenting.[8] Norton Zone is accessible through apps for Windows,[7][8][9] Windows RT,[7][8] Android,[7][8][10] Mac,[7][8][11] and iOS[7][8][12] platforms. Norton Zone uses encrypted and replicated cloud storage and provides client-side encryption.[1][2][8]

As a leading AntiVirus provider via its Norton AntiVirus software,[13][14] Symantec distinguishes Norton Zone from competition by automatically scanning files for malware and viruses.[1][4][5][8]

Norton Zone offered 5 GB of storage for free and larger storage allocations via subscription.[4][5][8][15]

On June 3, 2014, Symantec announced that Norton Zone would be discontinued on August 6, 2014.[16]


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