Norvin Green State Forest

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View of Wyanokie High Point from Carris Hill in Norvin Green State Forest
Posts Brook in Norvin Green State Forest

Norvin Green State Forest is a 4,365-acre (17.4 km²) state forest in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, United States, near the Wanaque Reservoir. It is part of the Northeastern coastal forests ecoregion.[1] The forest is accessible by foot only; it is part of the Wyanokie Wilderness Area and contains an extensive trail system built on old logging roads, several of which connect with trails in the Weis Ecology Center and reservoir property. The trails climb hills up to 1,300 feet and provide views of the Manhattan skyline, the Wanaque Reservoir, Burnt Meadow Brook and Lake Sonoma. The park is operated and maintained by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry.

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