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Norway's Bandy Association (Norwegian: Norges Bandyforbund) is the governing body for the sports of bandy, floorball and field hockey in Norway.


Bandy was originally governed through a committee in the Football Association of Norway. The national bandy association was founded on 17 October 1920 as Norges Ishockeyforbund, but the sport played was bandy, not what now is known as ice hockey. The founding clubs were Drafn, Drammen IF, Frigg, Hasle, Kjapp-Rjukan, Mercantile, Rapp-Trondheim, Ready and Trygg. The first president was Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen. The association changed names to the present name Norges Bandyforbund in 1929.[1]

Norway's Bandy Association was one of the founding members of the Federation of International Bandy in 1955.[2]

Field hockey[edit]

Field hockey in Norway is governed through a certain section of the association: Landhockeyseksjon, Norges Bandyforbund.



The association organise floorball as the Norwegian Floorball Federation since 1988. It organises the men's and women's national teams and the Norwegian Floorball Eliteserie. By January 1, 2007 there are 6843 registered players in Norway.

The association joined International Floorball Federation in 1991.


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