Norway Rugby Championship

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Norway Rugby Championship
Sport Rugby union
Instituted 1994
Number of teams 6
Country  Norway
Holders Stavanger Rugbyklubb (2014)

The Norway Rugby Championship (Norwegian: Norgesmesterskap) is the highest tier of domestic club rugby union competition in Norway. It is operated by the Norwegian Rugby Union (Norges Rugbyforbund)


The competition was first contested in 1994.

Current clubs[edit]

Club Titles
Bergen Rugbyklubb 8
Oslo Rugbyklubb 7
Stavanger Rugbyklubb 2
Blindern Rugbyklubb 0
Tønsberg Rugbyklubb 0


Six teams take part and each team plays six matches (one match against each team and the finals day) which then leads to play-offs and a final and placing matches.[1] The season runs from May through October of the same year.

Final results[edit]

Year Champion Score Runner-up Place
1999 Bergen Rugbyklubb
2000 Bergen Rugbyklubb
2001 Bergen Rugbyklubb
2002 Oslo Rugbyklubb 15-6 Bergen Rugbyklubb
2003 Oslo Rugbyklubb 5-3 Bergen Rugbyklubb
2004 Bergen Rugbyklubb 14-11 Oslo Rugbyklubb
2005 Bergen Rugbyklubb 18-7 Oslo Rugbyklubb
2006 Bergen Rugbyklubb 23-3 East Coast Barbarians
2007 Oslo Rugbyklubb
2008 Oslo Rugbyklubb 20-13 Bergen Rugbyklubb
2009 Bergen Rugbyklubb 32-24 Stavanger Rugbyklubb
2010 Oslo Rugbyklubb 21-5 Bergen Rugbyklubb Fana Stadion, Bergen
2011 Oslo Rugbyklubb 6-5 Bergen Rugbyklubb
2012 Oslo Rugbyklubb 31-5 Bergen Rugbyklubb
2013 Bergen Rugbyklubb 17-9 Oslo Rugbyklubb Bislett Stadion, Oslo
2014 Stavanger Rugbyklubb 26-12 Oslo Rugbyklubb Fana Stadion, Bergen
2015 Stavanger