Norway at the 1900 Summer Olympics

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Norway at the Olympic Games

Flag of Norway
IOC code  NOR
NOC Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sports
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At the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris
Competitors 7 in 2 sports
Medals Gold
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Norway competed at the Summer Olympic Games for the first time at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. Results from Norwegian athletes are typically considered separate from those of Swedish competitors despite the Union between Sweden and Norway that existed in 1900.


Norway finished in 16th position in the final medal rankings with 5 medals.


Sportsmen Discipline)
1 Ole Østmo Shooting, Standing Military Rifle
2 Ole Østmo, Hellmer Hermandsen, Tom Seeberg, Ole Sæther, Olaf Frydenlund Shooting, Team Military Rifle


Results by event[edit]


Two Norwegian athletes, a runner and a jumper, competed in four athletics events, winning one bronze medal in the pole vault.

Event Place Athlete Heat Final
200 metres Yngvar Bryn Unknown
3rd, heat 2
Did not advance
400 metres Yngvar Bryn Unknown
5th, heat 2
Did not advance
Event Place Athlete Final
High jump 4th Carl-Albert Andersen 1.70 metres
Pole vault 3rd Carl-Albert Andersen 3.20 metres


Norway won four medals in the five military rifle events, including the silver medal in the team section. Østmo took bronze in the individual overall, as well as a silver and a bronze in two of the positions.

Event Place Shooter Score
Military rifle
2nd Ole Østmo 299
9th Hellmer Hermandsen 280
13th Tom Seeberg 275
16th Olaf Frydenlund 271
26th Ole Sæther 239
Military rifle
12th Ole Sæther 293
13th Hellmer Hermandsen 290
15th Ole Østmo 289
21st Tom Seeberg 272
27th Olaf Frydenlund 259
Military rifle
3rd Ole Østmo 329
10th Hellmer Hermandsen 308
16th Tom Seeberg 301
18th Ole Sæther 298
22nd Olaf Frydenlund 287
Military rifle
three positions
3rd Ole Østmo 917
13th Hellmer Hermandsen 878
17th Tom Seeberg 848
20th Ole Sæther 830
24th Olaf Frydenlund 817
Military rifle
2nd Olaf Frydenlund, Hellmer Hermandsen, Ole Østmo, Ole Sæther, Tom Seeberg 4290