Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005

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Eurovision Song Contest 2005
Country Norway
National selection
Selection processMelodi Grand Prix 2005
Selection date(s)5 March 2005
Selected entrantWig Wam
Selected song"In My Dreams"
Finals performance
Semi-final resultQualified (6th, 164 points)
Final result9th, 125 points
Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Norway was represented in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 by the song "In My Dreams" performed by Wig Wam.

Wig Wam is made up of four band members – Teeny (guitar), Glam (vocals), Sporty (drums) and Flash (bass). They all pursued individual music careers with other bands and also undertook solo projects during the 1980s and the 1990s. Wig Wam were formed in February 2001, and had also appeared in MGP in 2004, coming third with "Crazy Things".

Melodi Grand Prix 2005[edit]

On March 5, 2005, viewers were given the chance to help decide which song should represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. The Norwegian Final Melodi Grand Prix was held at the Spektrum in Oslo hosted by Ivar Dyrhaug. The rules for the national final were changed for the 2005 contest. Previously NRK used to issue an open call for songs; in 2005 the broadcaster invited composers and artists directly with the aim of providing eight songs for consideration by televoters. The format of the show saw the eight songs performed before a public vote. The top four were then announced to sing again, before a final vote. The winner was the song "In My Dreams", sung by Wig Wam. The song was written and composed by Trond “Teeny” Holter.

Final – 5 March 2005
Draw Artist Song Lyrics (l) / Music (m) Result
1 Jorun Erdal "I Am Rock 'n' Roll" Claes Andreasson (m & l), Torbjörn Wasenius (m & l), Tommy Denander (m & l) Superfinalist
2 Cheezy Keys "Feel The Beat" Kim Arne Hagen (m & l), Hans Petter Moen (m & l), Morten Bergheim (l) Superfinalist
3 Andreea "Kingdom Come" Tom Steinar-Hansen (m & l), Ole Henrik Antonsen (m & l), Lars Aass (m & l) Eliminated
4 Kathrine Strugstad "Velvet Blue" Arve Furset (m), Gerard James Borg (l) Eliminated
5 Jahn Teigen "My Heart Is My Home" Jahn Teigen (m & l), Anita Skorgan (m & l), Jan Vincents Johannessen (l) Superfinalist
6 Blissed "You Are The One" Mikael Gunnerås (m & l), Magnus Lindquist (m & l), Magdalena Lindström (m & l) Eliminated
7 Seppo "Can You Hear Me" Tor Endresen (m), Are Selheim (l) Eliminated
8 Wig Wam "In My Dreams" Trond "Teeny" Holter (m & l) Superfinalist
Superfinal – 5 March 2005
Draw Artist Song Central Norway Western Norway Northern Norway Southern Norway Eastern Norway Total Place
1 Jorun Erdal "I Am Rock 'n' Roll" 10,127 12,292 4,740 9,774 27,220 64,153 2
2 Cheezy Keys "Feel The Beat" 6,906 9,113 4,020 8,086 23,610 51,735 3
3 Jahn Teigen "My Heart Is My Home" 5,242 8,481 3,865 8,550 21,888 48,026 4
4 Wig Wam "In My Dreams" 10,064 11,928 5,744 13,548 34,383 75,667 1

At Eurovision[edit]

Because Norway placed 24th at the 2004 contest, Wig Wam were forced to compete in the Eurovision semi-final, held on 19 May 2005.Group performed 13th, following Estonia and preceding the Romania, Norway qualified to the final, placing 6th in the semi-final and scoring 164 points. In the final they performed 5th, following Romania and preceding the Turkey came 9th with 125 points (including a maximum 12 from Denmark, Finland and Iceland).Meaning that Norway automatically qualified for the final in the 2006 contest. The spokesperson who revealed Norway's votes for other countries was NRK hosts Ingvild Helljesen.[1]

Points awarded by Norway[edit]

Points Awarded to Norway[edit]

Points Awarded to Norway (Semi-Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point
Points Awarded to Norway (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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