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The Norwegian Cancer Society (Norwegian: Kreftforeningen) is a non-profitmaking organisation in Norway.

It was established as Norsk Forening til Kreftens Bekjempelse in 1938, and took the current name when it merged with Landsforeningen mot Kreft in 1948. Its purpose is to help patients with cancer, increase awareness of cancer and to fund cancer research.[1] The society funds the annual King Olav V's Prize for Cancer Research.

The Secretary general is Anne Lise Ryel, and the board of directors consists of Gunn-Elin Aasprong Bjørneboe (chair), Carl Otto Løvenskiold (deputy chair), Tone Nordøy, Wenche Frogn Sellæg, Jostein Christian Dalland, Tord Dale, Lars A. Akslen, Grete Wennes, Anine Kierulf and Else Støring.[2] The organizational headquarters are in Kongens gate 6 in Oslo.


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