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Norwegian Church Aid (NCA; Norwegian: Kirkens Nødhjelp) is an independent humanitarian and ecumenical organisation with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Norwegian Church Aid works together with people and organisations across the world to eradicate poverty and injustice.

NCA provides emergency assistance in disasters and works for long-term development in local communities. In order to address the root causes of poverty, NCA advocates for just decisions by public authorities, business and religious leaders.

Norwegian Church Aid is an ecumenical diakonal organisation for global justice. Its projects are carried out with no intention of influencing people's religious affiliation.

To ensure efficiency and create results, Norwegian Church Aid is a member of the ACT Alliance, one of the world's largest humanitarian alliances. The alliance consists of church-based organisations throughout the world and cooperates with organisations across religious faiths.

Norwegian Church Aid works in three ways:

  • Emergency preparedness and response: saving lives and protecting people in emergency situations
  • Long-term development aid: supporting local communities to achieve development over time
  • Advocacy: promoting democracy and human rights by influencing decision-making processes

The organisastion works in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Central and Latin America.[1]


Norwegian Church Aid’s youth movement, Changemaker, organises campaigns, courses, camps and local projects for its many thousands of members aged 13 - 30. Changemaker's main priority is to encourage young people to take an interest in global issues and speak out against injustice. Changemaker's offices are housed within NCA headquarters in Oslo.[2]


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