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The Norwegian Kven Organization (Kven: Ruijan Kveeniliitto, Norwegian: Norske Kveners Forbund) was established in 1987, and has about 700 members.[1] The organization has local branches in Skibotn, Børselv, Nord-Varanger, Tana, Lakselv, Alta, northern Troms, Tromsø, and Østlandet.

The tasks of the organization include working for a government report about the history and rights of the Kven people, improving the media coverage of Kven issues, and for the Norwegian government to establish a State Secretary for Kven issues. In addition, reading and writing classes at the beginner to advanced level, establishing a Kven kindergarten, and to incorporate the Kven language in all education levels in Norway. Also, to establish a Kven culture fund, road and other signs in Kven, Kven names in official maps, and museums and centers for Kven language and culture.

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