Norwegian Maritime Museum

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Norwegian Maritime Museum
(Norsk Maritimt Museum)
Norwegian Maritime Museum oslo main-entrance.jpg
Established 1914
Location Bygdøynesveien, Bygdøy peninsula, Norway

The Norwegian Maritime Museum (Norwegian: Norsk Maritimt Museum), previously known as the Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum, founded in 1914,[1] is located at Bygdøynesveien on the Bygdøy peninsula, on the western side of Oslo, Norway.

The museum's building won an architectural award.[2] Its exhibits on coast culture and maritime history include boat models, fishing, marine archeology, marine paintings, ship building, and shipping. The video "Maritime Norway" by Ivo Caprino and a library are also a part of the museum experience.[3][2]

The Norwegian Maritime Museum is situated near several other museums, including the Fram Museum; the Kon-Tiki Museum; the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History; and the Viking Ship Museum.


The Arctic ship Gjøa and the Stavanger are on display. Gjøa was the first vessel to transit the Northwest Passage in a 1903-06 expedition of Roald Amundsen. The Stavanger was designed by Colin Archer for the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, and the three-masted schooner Svanen ("Swan").[1] Other boats are exhibited in the harbour.

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