Norwegian National Road 4

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National route 4 shield

National Road 4
Norwegian: Riksvei 4
Nynorsk: Riksveg 4
Route information
Length: 140 km[citation needed] (87 mi)
Major junctions
From: Biri, Gjøvik
  E6 35 150
To: Sinsen, Oslo
Highway system
National Roads in Norway

Riksvei 4 (Rv4) is a national road which is the main route north from Oslo, Norway. The road runs through Nittedal, Hadeland and Toten to Mjøsa.

With the exit in Mailundveien, Oslo the road runs north via Trondheimsveien, continues via Sinsenkrysset and through Groruddalen to Gjelleråsen where it meets riksvei 22. From there, it continues north through Nittedal and Hakadal, next to Harestua along the west side of Harestuvatnet and further through Grua, Roa, Gran and Jaren. From Jaren, the road runs northeast to Lygna where it meets riksvei 180. From there, the road runs north to Einavoll, along the east side of Einavatnet to Eina. There is a new motorway with tolls from Reinsvoll centre and next to Raufoss until the junction with Rv33 in Hunndalen and further down to Mjøsstranda in Gjøvik. From Gjøvik, the road runs along the west side of Mjøsa to Mjøsa Bridge at Moelv where it joins the E6.

Before 1 January 2010, the road also had junctions at Mailundveien and Galleriet in Oslo. Due to road restrictions, these have now become public roads.

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