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Inside of Norwegian Olympic Museum at Maihaugen, Lillehammer. Photo: Sarah Clarke / Mather & Co.

The Norwegian Olympic Museum at Lillehammer shows the history of the Olympic Games in ancient and modern times, with a focus on the winter games in Oslo in 1952 and Lillehammer in 1994. Olympic highlights are presented through interactive installations, multimedia presentations and stories related to authentic objects. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum also displays temporary exhibitions with a theme related to sports history and athletic achievements. Paralympics and the Youth Olympics have their own sections in the museum.

Norwegian Olympic Museum (Norges Olympiske Museum) is located at Maihaugen, Lillehammer, Norway.

“The new OL museum at Maihaugen, Lillehammer, has become a wonderful tour of proud Norwegian Olympic moments and history. I am very happy to have the opportunity to leave all my Olympic medals in this historical frame. Being presented together with other great Norwegian sportsmen and -women makes me humble”. Bjørn Dæhlie

The Norwegian Olympic Museum was officially opened by King Harald V and Queen Sonja on November 27, 1997, in Håkons Hall. The museum was reopened as a new modern museum at Maihaugen in 2016. The museum has interactive installations, multimedia presentations and original objects. It is the only museum in northern Europe that presents the entire history of the Olympic Games. The museum has more than 7,000 Olympic items in all.


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