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Norwegian Patriots
Leader Øyvind Heian
Founded 2007
Dissolved 2009
Ideology Nationalism
Political position Far-right
Website (defunct)
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The Norwegian Patriots (Norwegian: NorgesPatriotene, Norwegian abbreviation: NP) was a Norwegian political party whose main aim was to stop non-western immigration to Norway.

The newly formed National Democrats merged with the party in July 2007,[1] and the Norwegian Patriots ran for election (only in the county of Vestfold[2]) for its first time in the Norwegian parliamentary election, 2009, where it received a mere 184 votes. The disappointing result lead to the party being "put on ice" for an unknown amount of time.[3] On 23 September however, it was announced that the party was dissolved.[4]

Political profile[edit]

The party's main goal was to stop non-western immigration to Norway. Although the party was sometimes being labeled as "racist"[5] and/or "Nazi",[6] the party itself denied both of these publicly.[7]

A number of homosexuals were also said to be active in the party.[7] As a homosexual member of the party explained, "what makes the Norwegian Patriots appeal to homosexuals is the opposite racism we experience from Islam and Muslims against homosexuals. LLH (Norwegian National Association for Lesbian and Gay Liberation) doesn't take up that part. They speak a lot about racism, but not about the racism homosexuals and lesbians experience from Islam.".[8]

On its official website the Norwegian Patriots linked to the websites of some political parties of other countries: National Democrats (Sweden), British National Party (UK), Vlaams Belang (Flanders/Belgium), Lega Nord (Italy) and Party for Freedom (Netherlands).[9]


June 2009 assault[edit]

In June 2009, Stop the Islamization of Norway (SIAN) joined by Norwegian Patriots leader Øyvind Heian, were to have a peaceful march against Islam in Oslo. However the demonstration was put to an end even before it had started, as they came in a violent clash with a group of left-wing activists. The police claimed that the left-wing activists were the active part of the clash.[10]

The newspaper Verdens Gang claimed that there was an SMS campaign involving the anarcho-communist Blitz-movement and the revolutionary socialist political party Red organising a counter-demonstration. [11]

August 2009 school debate attack[edit]

Øyvind Heian was attacked on August 28, 2009, by far-left organizations and anti-racism initiative SOS Racism, during a school debate in Tønsberg.[12] During much of the debate, items were thrown against the members of the political parties that had shown up. Presumably hit by a bottle from one of the audience, Heian was left bleeding from his head and had to receive medical aid.[13]


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