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NSR Members of the Sámi Parliament of Norway 2005–2009

The Norwegian Sámi Association (Northern Sami: Norgga Sámiid Riikasearvi, Norwegian: Norske Samers Riksforbund), also known as NSR, is the largest Sámi organization in Norway. The association was founded in 1968.[1]


The NSR actively runs cultural, social, and informational work through local groups and Sámi associations. In total, 24 Sámi associations are attached to the NSR. The NSR is also active politically, running for elections in Sametinget (the Sámi Parliament of Norway) and sending delegates to the Sámi Council.

The NSR was founded in 1968, so it has been contributing to the development of Sámi society and culture since before the Sámi Parliament was established. The NSR goal is to unite the Sámi people across different special interests. As such, the NSR is independent of any outside political parties or religions.

Since the establishment of the Sámi Parliament in 1989, the NSR has held the leadership and presidency of the organization. The Sámi Parliament presidents have been Ole Henrik Magga from Kautokeino (1989–1997), Sven-Roald Nystø from Tysfjord (1997–2005), and Aili Keskitalo from Kautokeino (2005–2007, 2013–2016 and 2017–present).


The following table lists the presidents of the NSR since its founding.[2]

Name Term
Runar Myrnes Balto 2018-present
Niillas Beaska 2014–2018
Gunn Britt Retter (acting) 2013–2014
Aili Keskitalo 2008–2013
Silje Karine Muotka 2006–2008
Martin Urheim (acting) 2005–2006
Aili Keskitalo 2003–2005
Klemet Erland Hætta 2001–2003
Janoš Trosten 1998–2001
Geir Tommy Pedersen (acting) 1997–1998
Sven-Roald Nystø 1995–1997
Nils Thomas Utsi 1991–1995
Ragnhild Lydia Nystad 1985–1991
Ole Henrik Magga 1980–1985
Odd Ivar Solbakk 1979–1980
Peder Andersen 1976–1979
Odd Mathis Hætta 1974–1976
Regnor Solbakk 1971–1974
Johan Mathis Klemetsen 1969–1971


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