Norwegian Savings Banks Association

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The Norwegian Savings Banks Association (Norwegian: Sparebankforeningen) is the trade organization for savings banks in Norway.

It was founded in 1914 as Centralforeningen for Norges Sparebanker. Director since 2002 is Arne Hyttnes.[1] The board currently consists of Stein Hannevik (chair), Liv Fiksdahl, Helge Roar Dalen, Finn Haugan, Elisabeth Johansen, Hilde Kraggerud, Anlaug Johansen, Olav Arne Fiskerstrand and Ivar Fjærtoft.[2]

In 2010 it founded the cooperation organization Finance Norway together with the Norwegian Financial Services Association.[3] Both organizations still exist, but not their respective "service offices", whose tasks were taken over by Finance Norway.[4] The headquarters are in Oslo.


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