Norwegian Sign Language

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Norwegian Sign Language
Norsk tegnspråk
Native to Norway, Madagascar
Native speakers

1% of the population of Madagascar (ca. 170,000 in 2014) are deaf. 15,000 speakers in Norway (2005)[1]
French Sign
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
nsl – Norwegian SL
mzc – Malagasy SL
Glottolog norw1261[2]

Norwegian Sign Language, or NSL (Norwegian: norsk tegnspråk, NTS), is the principal sign language in Norway and Madagascar. There are many sign language organizations and some television programs broadcast in NSL in Norway. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation airs Nyheter på tegnspråk (News in Sign Language) daily and Tid for tegn (Time for Signs) weekly.

Norway is in the process of making NSL an official language.[3]

Norwegian Sign was introduced to Madagascar, and the dialects are still close.


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