Norwegian Union of Journalists

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Norwegian Union of Journalists
Full name Norwegian Union of Journalists
Native name Norsk Journalistlag
Founded 1946
Members 9,500
Affiliation Norwegian Press Association
Key people Elin Floberghagen, leader
Office location Oslo, Norway
Country Norway

The Norwegian Union of Journalists (Norwegian: Norsk Journalistlag, NJ) is a trade union in Norway. It consists of editorial personnel in newspapers, magazines, television and radio, as well as freelance journalists.[1]

A member organization of the Norwegian Press Association, it is not a part of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, but negotiates directly with the Norwegian Media Businesses' Association as well as representatives for the television and radio channels NRK, TV 2, TVNorge, Radio 1 and P4 Radio Hele Norge.[1]

It has a twenty-person strong board of directors, a leader and a secretary general.[1]

It publishes the magazine Journalisten, and also co-owns the Norwegian Institute of Journalism, Fredrikstad.[1]



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