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In the United States and Canada, the nosebleed section are the seats of a public area, usually an athletic stadium or gymnasium, that are highest and, usually, farthest from the desired activity. A common tongue-in-cheek reference to having seats at the upper tiers of a stadium is "sitting in the nosebleed section," or "nosebleed seats." The reference alludes to the tendency for mountain climbers to suffer nosebleeds at high altitudes.

The term appeared in print as early as 1953 when it was used to describe the last row in the end zone at Philadelphia's Municipal Stadium (later John F. Kennedy Stadium) during that year's Army-Navy football game.[1]

In popular culture[edit]

The expression has been referenced in television programming such as in Happy Days ("Fish and the Fins"), Seinfeld ("The Face Painter") and in Friday Night Lights. In music it has appeared in songs such as Tom Petty's song "Money Becomes King", Hilltop Hoods song "The Nosebleed Section", Imagine Dragons song "Thunder", Gucci Mane's song "P**** Print" featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne's song "She Will" featuring Drake, Post Malone's song “White Iverson", Travis Scott's song "Stargazing" and YBN Cordae's song "RNP" featuring Anderson .Paak.

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