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Noseley is a village and civil parish in the Harborough district of Leicestershire, England. It is the seat of the Hazlerigg family, whose members include Sir Arthur Hesilrige, who was one of the five Members of Parliament whom Charles I unsuccessfully sought to arrest.

In 2004 the parish had an estimated population of 40.[1]

The seat of the Hazlerigg family, Noseley Hall, is found in Noseley. The Third Baron Hazlerigg resides at Noseley Hall, which is currently up For Sale with an asking price of £14,000,000.

Noseley has a church which is ministered to from the Parish of Billesdon.


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Coordinates: 52°35′02″N 0°54′29″W / 52.584°N 0.908°W / 52.584; -0.908