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Location in Tajikistan

Nosiri Khusrav District, sometimes Nosiri Khisrav District (Tajik: ноҳияи Носири Хусрав, Nohiya-i Nosiri Khusrav), is located in the south-western corner of Khatlon province of Tajikistan on the Amu Darya, an enclave within the Shahrtuz district.[1] Population 27,400 (2008 est.).[2] Until 2004 called Beshkent District (Tajik: ноҳияи Бешкент); then renamed in honor of the 11th century Persian-Tajik poet Nosiri Khusrav (sometimes also Khisrav).[3] The district capital is Bakhori, a village at the northernmost tip of the district.[1]

Beshkent is a lowland 70 kilometers in length and 5 kilometers in width—dry without any reliable source of water. beshkent is the warmest valley in Tajikistan, with average temperatures in January and July of 3 °C and 31 °C respectively. The annual average precipitation is 140 millimeters.[4]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The district is divided administratively into jamoats. They are as follows (and population).[5]

Jamoats of Nosiri Khusrav District
Jamoat Population
Komsomol 15342


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